The Future: What We Create Today Lets You Create the Future

on February 2, 2019
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What does the future hold? Back in the 1950s, Doris Day answered that question with a simple lyric: “Que será, será, whatever will be, will be.” Her cheerful brand of fatalism encouraged a generation to let go of their worries and let the future unfold as it may. As the world now enters a new era of uncertainty, Samsung refuses to accept those laissez-faire lyrics with a promise to empower people to create their own future.


In the spirit of this approach, Samsung is launching its own brand campaign to kick off a year that will both celebrate the 10th anniversary of Galaxy smartphones and set the foundation for the next decade of new, innovative and groundbreaking products.


The campaign flips the carefree lyrics of the classic song on its head by juxtaposing them with Samsung’s bold leadership stance: What we create today empowers you to create the future. The campaign builds on Samsung’s “Do What You Can’t” philosophy in a video that highlights potential breakthrough technologies – including seamless multi-device experiences, artificial intelligence, and radical new displays – and teases Samsung’s 5G products and foldable display technology to be launched later this year.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur, fashion designer or mobile gamer, Samsung is blazing the trail for change by bringing innovation to a wide variety of industries. Check out the video below to see how Samsung is reshaping the future for its users.


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