The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are the Best Enterprise Mobile Device in the Market

on March 11, 2015
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The word is out that the Galaxy S6 is a powerful device coupled with an innovative and sleek design. It’s more, however, than just a phone or even a smartphone. It’s a solution, a business tool for being more productive. To develop the best enterprise mobile device in the market, Samsung put mobile security at the forefront of both software and hardware architecture in the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.


Samsung designed the Galaxy S6 with KNOX end-to-end mobile security platform built-in, so from the moment you turn it on, you can securely connect to work files and email with just a few taps.


With defense grade features, KNOX security provides real-time protection for the device and its data from any potential malicious attacks. Samsung KNOX is one of the mobile platforms with the absolute highest level of mobile security, so secure that it is approved to be used by governments and defense divisions with confidence that their highly classified information remains only accessible to those whom it is meant for. Samsung is certified for government use from several countries around the world including the US, UK, Russia and Finland.


Samsung KNOX is also customizable, and ready to go off the shelf, reducing the cost of purchasing expensive alternative security software. Samsung KNOX offers real-time protection from the moment you turn it on. The KNOX security platform includes malware monitoring and OS-level protection, and has hardware to software integrated security embedded.


The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge will enable users to work with maximum proficiency with several powerful hardware features. The Galaxy S6 is equipped with a high-performance 14 nm chipset and a 64 bit processor. In addition, the S6 has a significantly improved battery with lighting quick charging. Only 10 minutes of charging will allow for 4 hours of regular usage. The Galaxy S6 also has built in wireless charging that is both PMA and WPC compatible, fully optimizing wireless charging. To further create the best enterprise mobile device available, Samsung rigged the S6 and S6 edge with Corning® Gorilla Glass®, providing the toughest surface to match industrial needs.


Samsung Tomorrow had the opportunity to speak with Ram Motipally (Senior Director, B2B Business Development) while at MWC 2015. Motipally explains that in Barcelona, Samsung KNOX has released the KNOX 2.4 version included in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge with several new features. One major change is the integration with Samsung wearable devices such as the Galaxy Gear, which includes KNOX authentication within the wearable device. The new version of KNOX includes Bluetooth and NFC inside of the workspace, secure applications within the workspace, and even allowing the device to become an access card into an office building or facility.



Ram Motipally discusses Samsung KNOX advancements and partner MDMs


Another notable update involves enterprise billing. Enterprise billing allows for the separation of personal data in the device from the work data. It includes Enterprise ID integration with KNOX workspace login, again, allowing users to login with their wearable device.


The new version of Samsung KNOX also includes bulk enrollment, which makes enrolling a large amount of devices seamless, and taking much less time.


Motipally shared a few of the strategic MDM partners showcasing their latest and greatest products for the KNOX mobile security platform. Samsung is furthering its commitment to building a robust ecosystem of enterprise partners by gathering industry leading mobile device management (MDM) and business solution providers through the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP) which includes companies such as Fancy Fon, SOTI, Good Technology, IBM – Fiberlink, Airwatch, BlackBerry, Oracle, and MobileIron.


Together, the Galaxy S6 and Samsung KNOX security platform offers the best solutions for security, efficiency and performance.

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