The Galaxy View—Santa’s Newest Helper

on December 20, 2015
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Galaxy View


As the world wraps up 2015, one renowned toy expert remains exceptionally occupied. Santa Claus is working around the clock to ensure a joyful and Merry Christmas. One his favorite new products – the Galaxy View – has made his preparations not only more convenient but downright enjoyable!


A New Addition to the Ho, Ho, Home Office


Boasting a large, 18.4-inch screen and captivating display, the Galaxy View was designed for entertainment. While Santa does enjoy binge-watching his favorite television series from time to time, he specifically likes the gadget for its productivity features and uses it to complete important tasks, such as checking the latest toy trends or shopping for bulk supplies of coal.


“The device’s ultra-large touch screen makes multitasking a cinch, which comes in handy when I need to update the naughty and nice list while checking my email,” Santa notes. “Things sure are easier now that I get Christmas lists sent directly to my inbox. I haven’t had to make a single trip to the post office so far this year.”


The Galaxy View, which is equipped with a stand, also comes in handy when Santa conducts meetings at his home office. “The head elves must be constantly educated on the latest in toy manufacturing, and the large screen, sharp graphics and crisp, clear audio of the device ensure that the presentations are engaging and delivered effectively.”


And for those moments when he needs to keep a closer eye on his workshop, the device’s front-facing camera allows for video chatting in real time so he can ensure that the toy production line and gift wrapping department are running smoothly.


Entertainment for Every Room of the House


When Santa needs a break from his hectic workload, he lets off steam by releasing his inner gamer. A long-time fan of console games, Santa especially loves S Console, a feature developed to bring mobile games to the big screen of the Galaxy View. Though the service, users can connect their smartphones to play mobile games in a more traditional way, without the need for a console.
His favorite game genre? Vehicle simulation. The flight simulators in particular, he claims, help him prepare for his annual trip around the world.


The attached handle and light weight, at only 2.65 kg, makes it easy to transfer the Galaxy View from the home office to the living room to the kitchen, where the Santa family uses the Galaxy View for browsing holiday recipes and watching instructional videos when cooking together.


A Device for the Whole Family


As things have become quite chaotic over the past couple weeks, Family Square—a specialized app inspired by the notes that busy family members leave for one another on refrigerators and countertops—allows the happy couple to communicate more easily.


“The missus loves Family Square because it lets her send me reminders to give Rudolph a bath or to not eat too many cookies in one sitting. I’ve started getting those reminders on a daily basis,” he jokes.


The Santa residence also uses Family Square to share photos and doodles on the device, which can be interconnected with one another’s smartphones. In this way, it brings them all a little closer, which is the one thing the man of the house is hoping to do more of when his holiday obligations for the year have been fulfilled.


In fact, Santa and his family have already planned a holiday movie marathon for the evening of Santa’s return from his big trip around the world—an evening where the long battery life of the Galaxy View will most certainly come in handy.

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