[The People Behind Bespoke ④] How Samsung Is Reimagining Customer Experiences With Bespoke

on October 20, 2021 by Evelyn Kim
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Samsung’s Bespoke Home vision offers consumers a home that is beautifully designed, full of flexible features, seamlessly connected and inspired by its user. In this fourth and final installment of ‘People Behind Bespoke’, Evelyn Kim, Head of Consumer Marketing for Digital Appliances at Samsung Electronics, explains how Samsung is reinventing the way it connects with consumers to bring the Bespoke philosophy to the end-to-end consumer experience.


Since announcing our Bespoke Home vision in May of this year, Samsung Electronics has been continuously introducing new Bespoke products to markets around the world. These products are beautifully designed, offer greater flexibility for personalization, and are packed with smart innovations – but great products are just one part of our Bespoke vision.


Our idea of customer-centricity begins with the very first moment consumers see our appliances in a store and extends throughout the entire lifespan of the product. To bring this vision to life, we are radically reimagining the customer experience from end to end to make it truly personalized.



Exploring Bespoke Lifestyles, Online and Offline

The core of the Bespoke philosophy is about creating home experiences that are tailored to each user. To achieve this, we set out to engage our consumers with retail experiences that foster meaningful interactions and dialogue. Not only would these experiences lead to truly personalized products, but they would also help us understand the needs of each and every different community.


We began with our Bespoke refrigerators, which have customizable modules and front panels. With Bespoke Design Studio, customers can choose a combination of module and color panels to create their ideal refrigerator from the comfort of their own homes. Their creations on the interactive platform also provide inspiration for future Bespoke designs.


Now, we are excited to expand these opportunities to the rest of the Bespoke Home lineup with Bespoke Studio. Bespoke Studio is a virtual showroom space based on Samsung’s flagship showroom in Seoul. While browsing the virtual showroom, customers can also chat with a live representative to have their questions answered in real time and find the products that fit their individual needs.


While these online innovations offer consumers ultimate convenience when exploring Bespoke products online, Samsung’s offline showrooms, including our flagship in Seoul, Samsung KX in London and Samsung 837 in New York, serve to provide in-person inspiration. Here, our customers can walk through lifestyle displays to see how we envisioned these appliances to work in real homes, and also see special displays created in collaboration with artists and designers who have elevated Bespoke devices to being works of art.


Through hosting events and consumer consultations, the showrooms also give us valuable opportunities to learn more about different needs and hear new ideas directly from you, the consumers. For us, these conversations provide the foundation for current and future Bespoke products and services.



The Bespoke Way of Consumer Communication

Collaborating with our customers is at the heart of the Bespoke vision. We seek to have a dialogue with our users about how our appliances can help them achieve their lifestyle aspirations.


Driven by our commitment to fostering genuine dialogue with our customers, Samsung recently ran two social media campaigns encouraging customers to tell us about how they are inspired by Bespoke. The first was the #BespokeDinnerParty Challenge, which asked consumers to put together a dinner party inspired by Bespoke colors. The second was the Bespoke Design Contest, in which we invited our customers to show us their own vision of the Bespoke refrigerator. The entries we received from all over the world gave us an insightful glimpse into how actual users around the world envisage their version of ultimate personalization with Bespoke.



Bespoke Customer Relationships

Bespoke is about creating innovative products and experiences that are customized to each user. This is only possible with continuous, constant communication between Samsung and our customers that allows us to learn where we should be innovating next. Whether online or offline, in our stores or on social media, we will continue to strive to build meaningful relationships with our customers and help them help us move towards our vision of the Bespoke Home.

by Evelyn Kim

SVP and Head of Consumer Marketing, Digital Appliances Business, Samsung Electronics

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