The SSD Angels Strike Again… With a Vengeance!

on April 19, 2012
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If you remember our last episode with the SSD Angels, they promised to give away 50 SSDs, but came a little short, leaving 8 SSDs ungiven, which apparently is a real word.


Well now they’re back and going to finish the job they started!



First they visited this kind old lady running a music shop. It was obvious to everyone that her shop computer was not running as fast it could be, but alas, she refused the Angels’ help because they are admittedly a suspicious looking bunch.


 The music shop lady, filled with doubt about the Angels’ intentions


So what were the Angels to do? Upgrade it anyway, duh.



So the Angels geared up.



…And broke into her shop (in a totally legal fashion, let’s just assume).



After they finished the job, they left without a trace.



The next morning, one of the Angels’ waited in front of her shop, pretending to be the first customer of the day, and in a hurry.


So that creaky old computer better boot up fast…


  ‘Since when were you so fast?!’


Which it did! Surprise!



Looks like we have another fan of the Samsung SSD. We hope they have a long and happy relationship together.


But wait…



…So their crime spree, no, GIVE-AWAY continued. *cough*


The next morning the unsuspecting victim/recipient boots up her computer.



Behold her expression of sheer contentment. Or befuddlement.



“My computer is booting unusually fast!” she probably said, and “What the *beep* is that?” he replies.



Hugs for everyone!



“Within in the boundaries of the law!” They must’ve forgotten to add that last comment.



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