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on May 22, 2014
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Meta is an oddly fascinating concept of something being self-referential. For example, fitness information from a fitness trainer using the wearable device and app that gives fitness information, is so meta. OK, it might not be as meta as you wearing a shirt with a photo of your cat wearing a shirt with you in it, but it is pretty close.  Anyway, here are some fitness tips from a personal fitness trainer and her first experience with the Gear Fit.


gear fit and Park


First, say hello to our trainer of the day, Park. Although she has already heard about the Gear Fit, she has never worn the world first wearable device with the Curved Super AMOLED display before. Just for the record, she liked it. Not only was she impressed with how well it fits her, she especially liked the design and style of the Gear Fit.


Now let’s take a look at how she uses it. After she takes a look at the S Health 3.0 from the Gear Fit, she is ready to work with it.



Measure Heart Rate and Sleep Cycle with Gear Fit


gear fit_heart rate


One of the most striking features of  the Gear Fit is the heart rate monitoring feature. She says that monitoring the heart rate can be very useful to track your fitness level. For example, your resting heart rate tends to decrease as your fitness condition improves; you can measure it before you get off your bed in the morning.


She also tells us how you can check your sleep cycle with the Gear Fit and S Health. To do this, all you have to do is wear it and activate the option then sleep; it automatically detects and calculates your movement while you’re asleep.



Motivate Yourself with Goals on S Health 3.0


gear fit_pedometer

* This picture (or video, rather) was taken on a closed street. It might not be the best of ideas to stare at your smartphone while you’re walking – especially when you’re crossing the street.


She also shows us that you can set your goal for a number of sets and monitor how much you walked..



Listen to Music on your Gear Fit


gear fit_listen to music during work out


Now she is on the treadmill showing that you can select recently played tracks with the Gear Fit and play it from your mobile device; the Gear Fit act as a media controller.  



Customize Workout Modes with S Health 3.0


gear fit_pedometer_


S Health supports 4 types of workout modes: running, walking, cycling and hiking. In this case she chose the running mode. Especially, on the running mode, you can select the Coach option of the S Health, which lets you know if you are working out too hard or not for your safety!



Utilize Heart Rate Measurements


gear fit_heart rate measurement


She says that if you are looking to lose some body fat, it is best to maintain 60~70% of your maximum heart rate during workouts. You can work out harder and try to get your heart rate above that, but it does not necessarily mean that you are getting the best out of the workout. Since the Gear Fit allows you to constantly check your heart rate conveniently, your workout can be ‘Smart’-er.



Get Instant Notifications on your Gear Fit


gear fit_instant notification


If you are afraid of missing out on any important messages or emails, Gear Fit gives you instant notifications so that you can check them on demand, as long as it is within the range. Moreover, you can check them and respond with pre-typed messages. Therefore, if you cannot answer a phone call, you can reject the call and send them a ‘Sorry, I’m busy. I’ll call you later’ message.



Monitor Your Food Intake with S Health 3.0


gear fit_food intake


With the S Health, you can also check your nutrition intake. You can record what you eat with S Health then monitor and manage your diet and food intake, which is essential for personal trainers like her.


Well that’s it for Park’s tips for fitness and Gear Fit & S Health 3.0. Even though it was her first time using the Gear Fit and S Health, she easily figured out how to use it and use it well. More importantly, she shows us that if you are interested in staying fit, you can really make something out of the Gear Fit and S Health 3.0. So if you are someone like her, a fitness connoisseur, you can take advantage of the Gear Fit and S Health 3.0



* If you speak Korean, you can find the original video here:

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