This is probably the most technologically advanced way to watch Soccer

on May 27, 2014
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One of the biggest festivals for soccer is less than a month away. Without a doubt, the best way to watch each match is to watch it live in the stadium with thousands of people cheering and chanting their lungs out; no technology can beat that intensity and passion you feel in the stadium. However, we dare say that is not the most comprehensive and advanced way to watch it. If you are a soccer fan who can’t make it to Brazil for the madness, you do not want to miss out on this.




Soccer Mode will make you feel like you’re in the middle of the action, catching every moment, but it will also give you control of how you watch. And it’s easy to use. Soccer Mode can be activated just by pressing the hot key which is represented by soccer ball icon on the 2014 Samsung New Smart Control. Once it is activated, the Soccer Mode will adjust the settings automatically. For example, the ‘Stadium View’ enhances the vividness and the sharpness of the grass of the stadium to make it look greener to simulate the color as if you are in the stadium. The sound is one of the most important factors which make you more excited during the game. That’s why Samsung introduce The ‘Stadium Sound’ function. This function also enhances the sound of the crowd, so that it feels like you are among them. Generally, you may have noticed the sound of the crowd tends to sound somewhat like a sound from a plastic cone; unclear and blurred out.


Not only is Soccer Mode optimized for viewing live soccer matches, it is also the most advanced, interactive and comprehensive way to watch soccer period.


The real fun starts when you actually start to use the options of Soccer Mode. Here are just some of the advanced and cool things you can do with Soccer Mode.



The most interactive and comprehensive Highlight Experience


Soccer Mode automatically records the match in the external storage space such as HDD or memory card, which you need to insert, as you watch. This is thanks to Samsung’s proprietary technology which analyzes the pictures and sounds of the game. It can so detect and picture the best scenes.


This allows you to split the screen in two. One will show the live broadcasting of the match and the other one will show the highlights of your choice. Highlights can also be manually set.




If you want to focus more on the highlights, you can watch the highlights in full screen, of course. However, if you are worried about missing the actual live match, you can use picture-in-picture screen technology, so you won’t miss out on anything.


You can also focus on your favorite player and follow his every move. If you are someone who wants to analyze every move of the player to learn his skills, this mode is going to be especially helpful.


Moreover, whenever a goal is scored, it also replays the moment automatically. How does the TV know it? It recognizes when the number of the score board changes or the voice of the broadcaster to see if a goal has been scored or not. Pretty cool, right?



Don’t Miss out on the Details


If you’ve ever played a soccer video game and reviewed the highlights, you are going to love this. You can pause a certain moment of the game, and then zoom in on any of the players or areas of your choice. More specifically, the Samsung TV separates the screen into 9 areas, so you can enlarge a specific section using the 4-way buttons on the Smart  Control. This will help settle any arguments with your friends as to whether there was a foul or if it was just a flop. What a peace making option!




The Control Bar of Soccer Mode lets you go back to any moment of the match, since the entire match is recorded on a separate HDD or memory card. The best part is that you don’t have to miss out any part of the match, because there will be a smaller window on the bottom dedicated to the live stream.



The Soccer Mode is Samsung ‘s exclusive feature. Therefore, if you are already looking for TVs to enjoy all the soccer matches this summer, we hope that this helps you narrow down your selections. We hope you enjoy the global soccer madness the best way possible.



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