Three Samsung Home Appliances to Help You Customize Your Lifestyle

on September 9, 2020
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In 2020, the home has become more important than ever. We are spending more time in our homes and doing more in them – from working to working out. This has led to more and more consumers trying to find ways to pack all aspects of their dynamic lifestyles into their home environments.


And Samsung’s home appliances are keeping abreast of this trend by offering smart, stylish ways to establish a home environment that is uniquely designed to match your tastes and needs. Below, we introduce three Samsung appliances that are bringing a whole new level of personalization to some of the home appliances that we rely on most.



Customize Your ‘Stylish’ Lifestyle

Rethink what a refrigerator can be with Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerator line. Bespoke allows you to curate the refrigerator that’s right for you, with a variety of types and colors that you can mix and match. Do you do a lot of your grocery shopping in the frozen foods aisle? Bring on an extra-large freezer. Changing the wallpaper in your home? Tailor the color of your refrigerator to match. Whatever your needs and décor of choice, Bespoke fits seamlessly into your lifestyle to make keeping food fresh more stylish than ever.


Bespoke is expanding across the globe, and will soon be available in the European market. Check out the video below to see how the Bespoke line can be customized for you:




Customize Your ‘Smart’ Lifestyle

An intelligent washing machine that learns about you – we said, why not? Samsung’s latest washer and dryer lineup, launched in Europe in August, comes with an industry-first cycle recommendation feature that analyzes your preferences and offers laundry advice. Tired of having to select the cotton cycle each time, or scrolling through to find the right mode for your athletic wear? Give the WW9800T washer a spin, and let the machine find the best settings for you each time you turn it on. And with AI Wash, your smart washer can set optimal water and detergent levels based on smart sensors that automatically gauge each load.


For even more deeply personalized recommendations, use Laundry Planner and Laundry Recipe, which are connected to your phone via SmartThings. There, you can set wash times to fit your schedule – no more running back home to catch the laundry right when it finishes. With Laundry Recipe, you can find the best mode for your wash by entering the specific items included in your load.


Best of all, these intuitive controls and smart recommendations actually make it easier to use your washing machine, not harder. Top off your revitalized laundry experience with Auto Cycle Link, which will automatically set a paired dryer to the right settings to follow your specific wash.




Customize Your ‘Hygienic’ Lifestyle

It always pays to be wary of the pollutants in the air, dust on our floors and allergens in our clothing that can negatively affect our home environments. But every home is different, and no single solution is a perfect fit for all. That’s where Samsung’s revolutionary AirDresser comes in, offering a whole new personalized experience with over 20 different modes that utilize powerful steam to sanitize and deodorize.


But today’s consumers are looking for ways to sanitize more than just their clothing, which is why the AirDresser offers excellent care for all types of fabric items, including bedding and children’s soft toys. Now, you can enjoy high-quality, gentle sanitizing care for both delicate and often-used fabric items without having to visit the dry cleaner.


Need some advice on the best ways to clean your garments? Fire up SmartThings to find recommendations tailored to you. The ‘Care Recipe’ feature recommends the best mode for cleaning each of your items, while ‘My Closet’ suggests courses of action for your specific fabric types. What’s more, ‘Special Course’ allows you to download additional cleaning modes and cycles with settings that are tailored to specific garment types to ensure the utmost care is taken.




* Bespoke will initially launch in Europe in four color options, with more offerings to be released over time.

** Bespoke will initially only offer the 1-door unit in the Nordic region. As the line launches in more regions across Europe, an increasing number of models will be released.

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