Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Stay-at-Home Date Night

on September 13, 2015
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Sometimes, the best date night is one where you and your special someone stay at home enjoying the simpler things in life. Not only is dating-in convenient, affordable and low-pressure, at-home dates can be easy to execute, too. With a little help from Samsung, and a touch of creativity, you can effortlessly show off your romantic side and impress your special someone. Read on to find out how.


Plan & Prepare

Because the date is in the comfort of your own home, you might be tempted to play it by ear, or put off planning to the last minute. But by procrastinating, you may come across as unprepared, a trait no one admires. Treat your date at home in the same way you would a special concert or sporting event, as your relationship is far more important than any front row ticket.


A day before the big date, take care of the essentials. Pick up groceries, hire a babysitter if necessary, brainstorm a few date activities and be sure to thoroughly clean up. If you (and your home) are really smart, let the appliances — like Samsung’s POWERbot — do the cleaning for you while you take care of the more important stuff, like selecting a good wine for the evening. It’s okay if you’re not a clean freak, but your date will feel more comfortable in a nice, tidy space.


Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Stay-at-Home Date Night


Set the Mood

Now that the planning is out of the way, it’s time to set the mood. The right atmosphere can help transform your home from an everyday living space into a romantic love den, while showing your partner that you care enough to put time and effort into something for him or her.


By playing a romantic, but not overly cheesy, soundtrack throughout the house (use the Wireless Audio-360 to create a wireless surround sound system), and lighting a few candles, an intimate mood can be set to relax and impress one’s date. Go easy on the clichés — rose petals are so outdated — and be sure to customize the mood to the preferences and personality of your date.


Finally, the way you look is the visual cue for how the night will advance. Show your date that you’re dressed to impress, or keep things casual in jeans and a t-shirt. When you look your best and feel comfortable, you’ll be confident and conversation will flow naturally.


Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Stay-at-Home Date Night


Heat Things Up


Cooking your date’s favorite meal will definitely earn you some bonus points, but an even better alternative is cooking together, a shared experience that will make the two of you feel more connected, and creates an opportunity to learn more about each other.


Pizza or cookies (or both, if using the Chef Collection Flex Dual Oven) are great foods that couples can easily prepare together. Whatever you decide to cook, just remember to relax and don’t fret over perfecting the dish; this activity is meant to be fun.


And of course, don’t forget the drinks! Freshly squeezed juice and seasonal cocktails are perfect complements to any meal, and can quickly be chilled (should one forget to do so beforehand) in the Chef Collection refrigerator, thanks to its Fridge in Freezer storage and customizable temperature settings.




The Main Event

After dinner, be sure to keep the date going with a bit of entertainment. The Samsung Smart TV with Tizen is a great device to do so. The TV offers an endless array of content, and with the Video on Demand service, an entire library of romantic comedies is just a click away.


Alternatively, couples can make a small wager and battle it out in a video game tournament using PlayStation Now. A bit of friendly competition encourages flirtatious teasing, and even if you both aren’t very good, you can laugh at your mutual shortcomings.


Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Stay-at-Home Date Night


Be creative with your at-home date, but more importantly, be yourself. Chances are, you (and your special someone) may never want to set foot outside again!

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