Tips to Unlock the Many Extensions of the All-New Samsung Internet 5.4

on June 9, 2017
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Samsung announced that it is rolling out updates for its native mobile web browser, Samsung Internet, across most Samsung smartphones globally.* The all new Samsung Internet 5.4 offers a host of exciting additional features and extensions, including the IoT-to-web browser function, CloseBy, and an optimized browsing experience for Samsung DeX. Collectively, the rich features of Samsung Internet 5.4 offer users intuitive ways to get more out of their mobile internet experiences. These updates to Samsung Internet are a part of Samsung’s commitment to providing integrated software and services that power consumers’ devices and empower their lives.


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Extensions Offer Increased Functionality


As mobile browsing has evolved, so too has Samsung Internet. With its comprehensive troupe of extensions, users can enjoy some of the interesting new options offered in the latest Samsung Internet, which we take a closer look at here.



The CloseBy extension, an IoT-to-browser application that seamlessly provides users with more information about their surroundings, is now built into the Samsung Internet web browser. When users approach a Physical Web beacon that pushes a URL, CloseBy will provide a notification.


A practical implementation of this technology can be found at city bus stops enabled with Physical Web beacon technology. As you approach a busy bus stop, CloseBy will receive a notification URL that will allow the user to quickly visit a site that provides information on bus routes and arrival times.


Another notable example of how this extension can benefit users is at art museums equipped with the technology – users can quickly access information on a given work of art via notifications received with CloseBy.


The Samsung Internet 5.4 content blocking extension API has enabled a range of 3rd party content blocker add-ons. Simply tap “Content blockers” menu under “Extensions” settings to download the 3rd party content blocker add-ons. The availability of this feature may vary by country.



No one likes installing too many apps on their phones, which can slow down our mobile devices. This is why Samsung Internet utilizes your phone’s camera with its own built-in QR code reader to allow for fast and easy scanning of QR codes. Simply enable the function under ‘Extensions’ and you can find ‘Scan QR code’ added under the menu.



Often, while navigating on mobile browsers, users experience situations where they wish the browser offered a more seamless way to quickly share information with family and friends. With the Quick Menu function enabled, a floating button will appear on your browser, which can be moved to other parts of the screen if wanted. This allows users to quickly access convenient features, including sharing, opening new tabs and modifying text size. Additionally, users can quickly open new tabs by long-pressing the tab button in the bottom-right corner of the browser. Finally, a familiar star button on the upper-left side of the URL bar allows users to quickly bookmark the current page.



Sharing video content with connected devices is now easier than ever, giving users more options to view content where they please. Video Assistant has an additional layer of functionality built into it – simply tap the ‘View on TV’ button to watch content on a connected television screen or tap the ‘View on Gear VR’ button to view the content with the Gear VR. Furthermore, the unique Video Assistant extension plays videos in its own pop-up players, allowing users to search for additional information while viewing a video at the same time.



Samsung Internet Brings Cross-Platform Functionality

Samsung Internet powers multiple devices in the Samsung ecosystem, including Samsung DeX and Gear VR, to further expand your connected world.



The all new Samsung DeX**, released alongside the Galaxy S8 and S8+ flagships, unleashes an extended desktop-like user experience to bridge the gap between mobile computing on larger connected monitors and screens. The Samsung DeX-optimized Samsung Internet browser utilizes this new gateway to provide users with a browsing experience that’s similar in function and feel to a desktop or laptop browsing experience.


Multiple browsers can be opened at the same time, similar to multiple tab browsing, enabling users to work or shop with ease. While shopping, users can make online transactions securely by utilizing the biometric payment features they have already enabled on their Galaxy S8 or S8+. Another added benefit of Samsung Internet 5.4 is the ability for it to seamlessly toggle between mobile and desktop versions of the same page, depending on whether you are using your device or Samsung Dex to surf the internet.



Why wait to surf the web of the future when you can do it now? Connect your compatible Samsung device to a Samsung Gear VR to experience menus, videos and photographs like never before – in virtual reality.


Enhance the way you view web pages and video content on the mobile version of Samsung Internet by plugging in, and using the unique display capabilities of Samsung Internet for Gear VR. Additionally, mobile bookmarks and video history lists can be linked with your Gear VR, allowing users to more seamlessly experience Samsung Internet in virtual reality without delay or disruption.



Syncing your favorite bookmarks on Samsung Internet mobile with Google Chrome browser for PC is done with ease via a handy new extension. Simply install Samsung Internet from the Chrome Web Store on your PC and log into your Samsung Account to link the platforms and gain access to all your bookmarks from both browsers, on both browsers.


All this and more is available now so make sure you update your Samsung Internet app. Visit the Samsung Internet website for more information on the new features and benefits of Samsung Internet 5.4.


* Supported for devices running Android OS 5.0 or above and Google Experience Devices(GEDs)

**Only available for Galaxy S8 and S8+ users

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