Tony-Nominated Actress and Singer Condola Rashad Shares How She’s Using Her Galaxy Z Flip and AirDresser to Stay Creative and Connected as She Readies for New Music Launch

on July 22, 2020
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  • We connected with four-time Tony-nominated actress and singer, Condola Rashad—ahead of her new music debut—to discuss creativity, technology and how she’s using her Galaxy Z Flip to stay connected and inspired at home.
  • Built for premium flexibility and to inspire all-new experiences, the Galaxy Z Flip helps Rashad stay on top of her creativity, while the AirDresser helps to keep her clothes fresh and camera-ready!


The way we stay creative, connected and productive has completely transformed. We’re relying on technology to empower our lives and help us get through the day—from managing our day-to-day responsibilities to working from home to seamlessly connecting with friends and family.


For a sneak peek of how others are using their technology to empower their lives, Samsung teamed up with Condola Rashad for an exclusive at-home behind-the-scenes look at how she stays connected and organized as she prepares for the launch of her visual EP, SPACE DAUGHTER, now available.


In the tour, Condola shares how the Galaxy Z Flip has not only helped her stay connected but also unleashed all-new experiences to enhance her creativity and meet this moment. While she navigates new ventures and priorities, Galaxy Z Flip’s Flex Mode unlocks all-new ways to capture, share and experience content. From hands-free video calls to selfies at all-new angles, Galaxy Z Flip is flexible enough to capture every second. And as Condola spends more time at home, she continues to look for moments of ease in her daily routine, and Samsung’s AirDresser does just that. It relaxes light wrinkles, removes odors, and has a sanitize cycle that can be used to breathe new life into your wardrobe without ever leaving the front door.


To see how Condola is making the most of these two devices, we caught up with her to discuss creativity, technology, and what she’s learned in the past few months.



How have you remained inspired and creative in the past few months?

When quarantine started, I had to give myself permission to stop and find beauty in the stillness. I used the time to listen to and rediscover the sound of my own breath. That much-needed space allowed room for the things that bring me joy and comfort, like music. My music collection has always been eclectic, but since quarantine began, I’ve been exploring more classical music and have found Brazilian Jazz so soothing.


For a sense of normalcy in quarantine, I’ve also been continuing to dress up, even if it’s just for myself. My general rule of thumb has always been: Dress how you want to feel. So that’s why you can find me in bright colors and patterns, and a big part of why I’ve been able to keep up that routine has been the AirDresser.



In general, what is your relationship with technology?

My life is all about creativity and self-expression, so I gravitate toward technology that enhances those facets of myself, without changing who I am. I use technology to create meaningful connections, whether with fans I’ve never met or friends and family I’ve known my whole life.


And recently, I’ve had so much fun exploring how Galaxy Z Flip can further enhance those relationships. By taking hands-free selfies for example, I can authentically capture myself in my environment whether I am sitting quietly in nature or in bed reading a book. And I love video chatting with my mom in the morning while having my hands free to make a quick breakfast. It lets me forget about the technology and just focus on the conversation.



How else have you been using Galaxy Z Flip?

Spending so much time at home has really blended my work life and personal life—and the Z Flip has helped me stay flexible, so I can navigate these uncertain times. Using split screen with Flex Mode makes it easy to scroll through music while I use the selfie camera to put on makeup or I can watch a film on the top half of the screen while taking notes on the bottom half. Those are just a couple of the many ways that it’s helped make my days a little easier, more creative, and more enjoyable.



Can you tell us more about how you’re using AirDresser?


When I step into a dress and it looks the way it’s supposed to, smooth and ready to wear, I’m instantly more confident and in a better mood. I’m really taking advantage of the Sanitize Cycle, and I love how it works with so many different kinds of fabrics. AirDresser also saves so much time. I get a notification on my Z Flip on the SmartThings app as soon as it’s done, which comes in handy since the machine is so quiet, I sometimes forget it’s even on.

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