Top Tips: How to Make Your Laundry More Eco-Friendly

on March 8, 2021
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In these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever before that we take care of all aspects of our lives, from our well-being to our homes to the environment. While countries around the world are doing their best to address environmental issues – especially given the unavoidable rise in single-use products such as face masks – Samsung Electronics understands that product manufacturers, too, have a responsibility to help address the issue of climate change.


This commitment to providing consumers from all corners of the globe with options that put environmental sustainability at the forefront has seen a huge investment by Samsung into the research and development of products that are eco-friendly.


Consumers, too, can help do their part for the environment by making small changes when going about their daily routines at home. As well as checking out this handy infographic on how to be as sustainable as possible while keeping your clothes clean, keep reading for some handy tips on how to make your laundry as eco-friendly as possible.


Reduce Carbon Emissions With Energy-Saving Technologies

While it is a staple to our daily lives, electricity production generates the second largest share of greenhouse gas emissions, making it important for consumers to choose eco-friendly washing machines.


Using hot water during a laundry cycle uses a substantial amount of energy – in fact, 75% of the energy required during a hot wash cycle is used just to heat up the water.1 Therefore, to reduce the amount of energy used to do your laundry, opt for a cold wash or other optimized temperature wash settings.


With Samsung’s EcoBubble™ technology, you need not worry that a colder wash will result in a less effective clean. Even at a cold wash setting of 15° C, EcoBubble™ technology will still effectively dissolve detergent and mix it with air and water in order to create bubbles that thoroughly penetrate clothes so as to remove even the toughest stains. EcoBubble™ provides an improved fabric penetration and soil removal rate of 24%, and will take care of your clothes, too, thanks to its clothing care performance improvement rate of 45.5%.2



Another way you can reduce both the amount of energy you use along with your electric bill when undertaking laundry is by reducing washing time. In order to save users time, money and protect the environment, Samsung’s QuickDrive™ Q-Drum cuts cycle wash times by up to 50% and energy use by 20% without any compromise on cleaning performance.3


Samsung’s unique QuickDrive™ Q-Drum harnesses a main drum and a backplate that rotate independently to ensure that clothes are kept moving dynamically without incurring any damage to your favorite fabrics.



With a Samsung QuickDrive™ washing machine, you can fully wash an entire load of laundry in just 39 minutes using the Super Speed button, which utilizes Speed Spray technology that shoots powerful jets of water to efficiently remove detergent residue and cut down the wash time. What’s more, Samsung’s washing machines are SmartThings enabled, allowing you to take the guesswork out of doing your laundry thanks to the intelligent Laundry Recipe feature, which recommends the optimal cycle for your load based on color, fabric type and soiling degree information.



Cut Down on Your Water and Detergent Usage

Many laundry detergents contain microplastics4, making it important that users use only the required amount of detergent when undertaking their laundry. While every load of laundry you do will be different, the best way to ensure that you are not wasting detergent nor water when doing the washing is to use the most appropriate cycle function for each load.


Samsung’s AI Wash feature can help you do exactly that: AI Wash uses four different types of sensors to detect the weight of your laundry before calculating and dispensing the optimal amount of water and detergent needed for the load. The patented turbidity sensor even monitors the level of soiling throughout the wash cycle, adjusting the detergent amount or wash type where necessary.


For those looking for remote recommendations via their SmartThings app, the intelligent Laundry Recipe feature also lets you factor in the degree of detergent you desire to use into its calculations when providing optimal cycle suggestions.




Choose Future-Friendly Appliances Built to Last

A final tip for making your laundry as eco-friendly as possible is to opt for appliances that are sure to last for a long time, a decision that contributes to the reduction of landfill waste, the conversation of resources, the prevention of environmental contamination by toxic materials and the reduction of greenhouses gases created in the production of new materials.5


Samsung’s washer and dryer products have been designed for long-term use, coming with industry-leading warranties for both product and parts so that users can rest assured that their appliance decisions are the best ones for the environment.


Samsung’s latest washer WW9800T and dryer DV8000T



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