[Tutorial] Getting the Most Out of Your S Pen for the Galaxy Note5

on September 16, 2015
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With the Galaxy Note5, there are now more ways than ever to conveniently share information and ideas with your friends and colleagues. Thanks to the versatile S Pen, the Galaxy Note5 lets you utilize documents, write on them and send them to others with just a few simple clicks and strokes.


To show you just how easy and convenient these new functions are, here are three quick tutorials to show you how to take advantage of some of the best new features of the Galaxy Note5. It all begins with taking out your S Pen, which automatically causes the Air Command options to appear.


Action Memo: Visually Explaining Your Location



So, you’re in a strange city or other new location and you need to meet someone, but you don’t know how to describe where you are. What can you do? It’s not a problem with your Galaxy Note5. Just follow these steps to make a map and send it to your friends so they can find you.


  1. Air Command
  2. Action Memo
  3. Using the pen, write on the screen. You can make a map, sketch a nearby landmark, or describe any features you see that might help your friends find you.
  4. Share
  5. Message – Select the names you want to share your map with.
  6. SEND


Scroll Capture: Sharing Your Recommendations with a Simple Memo



Do you have a long website that you want to comment on and talk about with your friends or colleagues? With the Galaxy Note5, it’s easy to capture the website—no matter how long—write directly on the page and share your thoughts with others.


  1. Air Command
  2. Screen Write
  3. Scroll Capture
  4.  Capture More – With each click, it adds one more screen. Just keep clicking this button until you’ve gotten all you need.
  5.  Done
  6.  You can now write directly on the screen. Choose any pen, color or thickness you may need, and add your recommendations directly.
  7.  Share
  8.  Message – Select the names you want to share your recommendations with.
  9. SEND


Write on PDF: Giving Feedback Without Going Back to the Office



PDF files are common in business, but they can be hard to modify when you’re not at your computer. Especially when you are traveling and on the go and work requires urgent feedback on a document, this can be a big problem. But not when you have your Galaxy Note5. You just need to download the PDF file from the important email, then you can write on the document directly with your S Pen and send the results to all the people who need it.


  1. Download the PDF
  2. SAVE and Open the file
  3. Use your S Pen to write directly on the PDF. Choose your nib and color to make comments, scratch out items you don’t like or draw new suggestions onto the document.
  4. SAVE
  5. ATTACH – Choose the new version of the PDF with your comments
  6. SEND

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