[Tutorial] How to Connect and Customize the Samsung Gear S2

on October 26, 2015
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After much anticipation, the Samsung Gear S2 has finally hit shelves across the world and has already garnered a great deal of attention, thanks to its innovative rotating bezel, convenient connectivity features and stylish appearance. But how does one get the most out of their brand new Gear S2? Check out these tutorials to find out.


How to Set Up



Now that you’ve got your hands on the Gear S2, you first need to pair it with your smartphone to take advantage of all its fun and useful features.


  1. Download the Samsung Gear app from the Galaxy Apps store if you’re using a Samsung device, or from Google Play if you’re using a non-Samsung Android phone.
  2. Access the Samsung Gear app on your mobile device.
  3. Tap Connect to Gear.
  4. Select Gear S2 from the Select your Gear
  5. Confirm your passkey on the Bluetooth pairing request alert by tapping OK.
  6. Agree to all terms and conditions by ticking the boxes and tap Done.
  7. In the Manage notifications menu, choose the notifications that you want to appear on the Gear S2.


How to Get in Touch


Your Gear S2 is set up and ready to go. Easy, right? You can now receive, access and send messages quickly and conveniently, right from your wrist.


  1. From the home screen on your Gear S2, turn the bezel one notch to the left to access notifications.
  2. Tap the number of notifications received.
  3. Turn the bezel to the right to browse received messages.
  4. Tap a message to read it in its entirety, and turn the bezel to scroll.
  5. To send a quick reply, tap Reply.

a. To send a pre-set message, turn the bezel to browse and tap to select your preferred message.
b. To reply with a voice note, tap the microphone icon, record your voice note and send.
c. To send an emoji, tap the smile icon and turn the bezel to browse emojis. Tap to select and send.
d. To reply with a text message, tap the keyboard icon, type your message and tap the send icon.


How to Customize



Whether you want your Gear S2 to match your #OOTD every day, or you prefer to stick with the same ol’ look for weeks, the watch face of the Gear S2 can be customized as often or as little as you’d like, straight from the device.


How to Get a New Look



The Gear S2 comes with two sizes of wrist straps, large and small, which can also be mixed and matched to customize the length. Samsung has also partnered up with a number of designers and brands to offer an eclectic selection of wrist bands, with a style for just about everyone.
(For video tutorial on how to replace bands for the Gear S2 Classic, click here.)


Now that you’re acquainted with the Gear S2, take some time to explore the settings and features that make it uniquely Samsung, and stay tuned for more tutorials to come!

  1. To remove bands from the Gear S2, press the latches where the bands meet the case body and slide down to release.
  2. Replace the new bands by sliding upward until they snap into place.
  3. Tap and hold the home screen.
  4. Turn the bezel to browse watch faces. Tap to select.
  5. To customize your preferred watch face (when available), tap Stylize.
  6. Navigate customization options using the bezel and by swiping left to change the dial, hands and/or shortcuts. Then, tap OK.

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