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Designing the Perfect Premium Smart TV (4) Samsung’s Design Philosophy

on November 27, 2012

Customer’s Trust



In the midst of all the market competition, quality may be Samsung’s one and only source of pride. Customer satisfaction is indisputably contingent on a very precise and narrow set of factors. Samsung employees did not forget that not even the ES9000’s perfect quality would guarantee customer satisfaction. Samsung insisted on an integrated bezel purely made of metal and did not allow any kind of defect in any part of the 75-inch product.


To create a single frame that would encompass premium quality, Samsung was willing to cross out hundreds of frames. Samsung was willing to mix colors thousands of times to create a single, perfect color – the ‘Rose Gold.’ This process was a testament to Samsung’s design philosophy, its approach toward creating a luxury product.


Also, in order to show appreciation to customers for trusting in the Samsung brand and purchasing the ES9000, the company also decided to make investments in advance in a production line despite great uncertainty in the future.



The ES9000 is the single choice for customers looking for a premium purchase. Unveiled in Korea in July 2012 and soon to be launched in 43 countries globally, the ES9000 will advance Samsung Electronics as the leading global Smart TV provider for seven consecutive years.



Samsung TV 8-Year Design Record 



The Samsung TV design goes beyond technology and the balance of reason and emotion. It creates an emotional connection between the product and customer, and has evolved toward creating greater human-centered value.

Changes in Samsung’s TV design identity have been setting the overall direction for Samsung TVs since 1996. The identity, which has served as ‘coordinates’ for designers and developers, was created with a focus on adopting advanced technology. Since then the focus has shifted to a sense of warmth and human-centeredness.

The Bordeaux TV (created in 2006) and the Touch Of Color (TOC, created in 2008) used technology to reflect the beauty of a crystal wine glass and sunset. By researching and considering users needs, Samsung was able to develop innovate Smart TV designs that added new value to consumers who will continue to use TVs. This is different from the past, when consideration was made only from the perspective of new consumers.



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