Two Samsung Tomorrow Reporters Talk CES 2014

on January 17, 2014
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At this point, you probably noticed that we had two special reporters for CES 2014: Kristin and Abraham. Our two beloved Samsung geeks brought you plenty Samsung’s CES 2014 exclusives, such as Samsung Smart Home, Bendable TV, interviews of some of Samsung executives and more.


Obviously, we couldn’t just let them go without a finale, so Samsung Tomorrow set up a talk battle where the two people talk filibuster-style until someone kneel to surrender and accept his/her lack of endurance and dedication! Nah, we’re just kidding. We have a clip of our special reporters having a friendly, but insightful, chat over what happened at the CES 2014. If you missed the CES 2014, but want to catch up, now would be a good chance to do it. Enjoy the show.



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