Unfolding the Next Era of Sustainable, Smarter Lifestyles With the Bespoke at Fuorisalone 2023

on April 18, 2023
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On April 17, Fuorisalone 2023, the world’s largest design and furniture exhibition, opened in Milan, Italy.



At their 700m2 Fuorisalone booth, Samsung Electronics held their exhibition under the concept of “Bespoke Home, Bespoke Life,” featuring collaborations with celebrated Korean designers Seungji Mun and Hosuk Jang. The exhibition took the core message of “Bespoke Home,” which is about providing consumers the ability to choose personalized home appliances that suit their tastes, one step further with the new core message of “Bespoke Life,” which is about advancing home appliances to include eco-consciouness and hyperconnectivity, all with an artistic touch.


The “We Breathe” zone of Samsung’s exhibition, developed in collaboration with designer Seungji Mun, showcased to visitors that core theme of the “Bespoke Life” concept, sustainability, and the “Framed” zone, developed by Hosuk Jang, embodied the value of personalization that consumers can enjoy when choosing a Bespoke appliance that is able to reflect their own unique personalities and preferences. Both these zones attracted a high turnout from visitors, as did the limited-edition Bespoke refrigerator exhibition created in partnership with renowned Italian creative studio TOILETPAPER with Samsung being their first Korean home appliance brand collaborator.


Read on to get a feel of the lively atmosphere present at Samsung’s Fuorisalone 2023 booth, wherein the company showcased its latest home solutions and sustainable smart lifestyle approach as realized through their home appliances.



“We Breathe”: Integrating Sustainability Into Daily Life With Seungji Mun


Upon entering the exhibition hall, the “We Breathe” zone, created in collaboration with designer Seunji Mun, caught the eye of visitors with its display that emphasizes sustainability as a core value of Bespoke Life. This zone was made to look like a green space, and was decorated with not only Bespoke products but also with original, eye-catching designs from Seungji Mun.



The special flooring and variety of sculptures that filled the space were made using disposed fishing nets and other recycled materials, conveying Samsung’s dedication to protecting the environment and its ongoing eco-conscious efforts. “Unlike other, more ordinary booths, it was interesting to encounter this fresh space feeling, almost like we were in a forest,” noted one visitor to the exhibition. “We definitely felt Samsung’s sincerity in their eco-conscious efforts as displayed through the arrangement of Bespoke products on show.”



Hyperconnected Experiences With Energy Efficiency and AI at Their Core



Moving on from the “We Breathe” zone, the next stop for visitors to Samsung’s booth was an open space dedicated to showcasing the company’s efforts into developing innovative eco-concious and artificial intelligence (AI)-based technologies.


On one wall sat an infographic designed to showcase how Samsung has implemented eco-consicous technologies into the entire product lifecycle, from resourcing and production through to transporation and usage. Visitors could also learn more about SmartThings Energy’s AI Saving Mode and the energy savings it is able to bring about through each of Samsung’s home appliances, further showcasing the company’s efforts towards sustainable living.



Furthermore, new Bespoke appliances featuring enhanced AI technologies drew particular attention from those visitors interested in user convenience. Numerous innovative Bespoke products, including the Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub+ with a 32-inch large screen, the Bespoke Infinite Line wine refrigerator, equipped with an Auto Open Door function that opens with just a light touch, and the Bespoke Jet and its All-in-one Clean Station™, able to help with cleaning from start to finish, caught the eye of many patrons.



In this zone, a space was set up for visitors to experience the connectivity of SmartThings through the Map View function, which is supported on Samsung’s TVs and monitor screens. Through SmartThings, users are able to easily manage the status and power usage of all home appliances connected throughout the house. Visitors to this space were able to learn all about the hyperconnectivity and convenience offered by this service that manages all home appliances from a single platform via SmartThings.



“Framed”: Creating Unique Spaces Through Personalized Appliances


The Samsung booth’s “Framed” zone, a collaborative exhibition developed with designer Hosuk Jang, was designed as a space that is imbued with the core philosophy of the Bespoke offering and also to provide a different atmosphere to visitors compared to the zone that came before it. By capturing the Bespoke philosophy of personalized home appliances that cater to personal tastes and taking the appearance of a lounge bar reminiscent of a luxurious European social club, the “Framed” zone conveyed an elegant atmosphere to visitors and served as a photo zone for many.


This exhibit featured Bespoke products placed in spaces within framed walls, giving them the appearance of blending in with the surroundings seamlessly. Bespoke products including the Bespoke AI Grande, Bespoke Jet AI and the Bespoke Cube Air were placed in these ‘framed’ spaces to harmonize with the space, showcasing the true essence of Bespoke’s personalized home appliances and garnering praise from visitors.



In addition, drawings of bottles, vases and flowers drawn personally by designer Hosuk Jang himself were displayed on the other side of the exhibition, conveying the importance of personal lifestyle choices that both Samsung and the designer hold in high regard.



Where Creativity Meets Technology: Samsung’s Limited-Edition TOILETPAPER Collaboration


Last but certainly not least, the final zone of Samsung’s Fuorisalone exhibition served as a space to showcase the company’s unique collaboration with renowned Italian creative studio TOILETPAPER, the first of its kind between a Korean home appliance brand and TOILETPAPER.


Founded by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari, TOILETPAPER is a creative studio that started life as an art magazine, and is famous around the world for its unique and surreal designs. Samsung is the first Korean home appliance brand to collaborate with TOILETPAPER, and worked with the studio to produce a limited-edition Bespoke refrigerator at Fuorisalone 2023 with panels featuring iconic TOILETPAPER designs such as Dessert Lady, Lipsticks, Magic Mirror and Roses with Eyes.


“I was initially surprised by the collaboration between TOILETPAPER and the Bespoke refrigerator lineup,” noted a visitor to the exhibition. “However, I found the colorful designs very inspiring and they motivated me to purchase home appliances that match my own tastes in the future.” These limited-edition Bespoke refrigerators in collaboration with TOILETPAPER will be made available in markets around the world sequentially.



A separate Bespoke Selfie zone also drew in crowds as it allowed visitors to experience MyBespoke, wherein visitors could take selfies of themselves and send them directly to their Bespoke refrigerator.


Stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom for all the latest on Samsung’s Bespoke lineup.

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