[Video] CES 2022: Showcasing the Future of In-Vehicle Experiences

on January 6, 2022
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At CES 2022, Samsung Electronics is introducing a new vision for in-vehicle experiences. This new concept was made possible by combining the company’s latest consumer electronics and IT innovations with HARMAN’s automotive expertise.


The video below introduces viewers to Samsung’s booth at CES 2022. At the booth, the company showcases a scenario in which information on road conditions and other factors is presented to the driver of a vehicle in real time.


In the scenario, the vehicle uses cameras and sensors to analyze its surroundings, then harnesses augmented reality to present road conditions and other information to the driver within their field of view. The driver is then able to make use of that overlaid information to ensure they enjoy a drive that is both convenient and safe.


In the enactment, the driver not only gets details on the vehicle’s speed and status, but is also provided with an arrow-based navigation service, forward collision warning icons and blind spot alerts when switching lanes. Directions, icons and insights are projected directly onto the road, as well as onto surrounding vehicles and lanes, to allow the driver to clearly and conveniently view the important information.


The vehicle in the scenario also analyzes information on the surrounding area and connects to a range of services to make the driving experience both straightforward and enjoyable. For example, if passengers want to grab a coffee, the vehicle utilizes map information and AR to inform them of where there are cafés nearby. The passenger is then given the option to navigate through the menu and place their order from the comfort of their car. The vehicle in the enactment also adds a realistic element to virtual calls by allowing users to manage their meetings with AR.


Check out the video below to learn more about what the future of in-vehicle experiences holds.


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