[Video] Epic Choreography Shot from Aerial View Personifies the Samsung Gear S2

on November 20, 2015
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Samsung Gear S2


Samsung’s Gear S2, launched in October has been a welcomed surprise in the world of wearable technology. Introducing a circular design with an innovative rotating bezel UX, the Gear S2 makes navigating applications and checking the notifications smooth, easy and intuitive.


This upbeat video emphasizes the Gear S2’s rotating bezel and its circular UX, navigating through the music, S Health and notification features, which are represented by a group of core performers. A mix of choreography, projections and unexpected props makes every scene of this video unique.


Samsung Gear S2


The “Human Kaleidoscope” production features a diverse cast of over 150 performers that includes musicians, athletes and dancers who enact a variety of common actions. They are all choreographed together for one epic performance, captured live on camera. This represents Samsung’s playful, fun side, showing the human personification of the Gear S2, put to energetic music.


Samsung Gear S2


Shot in large from an aerial perspective, the performers truly encapsulate the power of the circle, a symbol of unity, wholeness and timelessness. By setting up a projector and camera to hover 70 inches above the ground, the full scale of the production could be captured.


Samsung Gear S2


The innovative design and functionality of the newest Samsung smartwatch, along with Samsung’s extensive list of partners and apps for the Gear S2, make it perfect for organization and productivity. But the Gear S2 is not just for discreetly checking notifications and responding to messages during meetings. The Gear S2 is perfect for music lovers, fitness enthusiasts, social networkers and anyone with a creative and active lifestyle.


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