[Video] Hands-On with the Galaxy Fold: A Form Factor with a New User Experience

on September 5, 2019
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Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of its category-defining new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, set for release in Korea on September 6 and in select countries shortly after. At IFA 2019, which opens its doors on September 6, visitors will be able to have the unique opportunity to experience the Galaxy Fold for the very first time.


For those not able to stop by the Messe Berlin Exhibition Grounds this year, the video above provides a look at what a hands-on experience of the Galaxy Fold looks like for users.


The Galaxy Fold’s unique design and foldable form factor, providing you with two options for screen size in one device, provides a brand-new user experience. When closed, you can comfortably access all your essential apps with just one hand. But when opened, the 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display offers a truly immersive viewing experience, allowing you to get lost in videos on a screen that’s so big, you won’t believe you can fit it in a pocket. From the camera to the gallery to the latest gaming apps, users can enjoy next-level experiences with their favorite content on the spacious screen of the main display just by opening up the device.


In order to facilitate maximum productivity and ease of use when switching between the Galaxy Fold’s two displays, Samsung developed two features especially: App Continuity and Multi-Active Window. With App Continuity, you can switch between using an app on the cover display and using it on the main display seamlessly. For example, you can check an email when the device is folded, and then, when you open the device to reply, a version of the email app that is optimized for the expansive screen will open, allowing you to comfortably view the full contents of the email. Following the uninterrupted screen transition, you can then reply to the email using keyboard, which is optimized for placement near each of your hands.


Multi-Active Window allows you to take advantage of the increased screen real state of the main display, as you can open multiple apps simultaneously and easily use them at the same time thanks to an optimized UX for next-level multitasking. Whilst reading an email, you can easily drag and drop your Calendar as well as Google Maps from the device’s side panel into the Multi-active Window to work in three windows simultaneously and coordinate a meeting quickly and efficiently. You can also easily adjust the dimensions of each app window so as to see more, or less, as you require.

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