[Video] Samsung’s Harmonized Devices Make Your Life Simpler, Smarter and More Connected

on January 10, 2018
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Samsung Electronics has a new take on the intelligent IoT experience that is turning heads at CES 2018. This isn’t just a stage to show off flashy new technology though; it’s an approach that will enable us to enhance all areas of our lives.


Samsung has created a “Samsung City” at its CES booth, which showcases the communication and connectivity among all of Samsung’s devices. What’s most noteworthy, however, is that the innovations are not just demos – all of the devices and services featured will be available to consumers in the near future, beginning in 2018.


Across twelve different zones at Samsung’s booth, participants will see what their lives with Samsung will look like in the coming years and beyond, and how our concepts of home, business and mobility will soon change forever.




Home: The Center of Life

Samsung’s products will continuously become more intelligent, which will lead to major changes in how we live.


For example, they already enable you to enjoy content more easily and continuously. Instead of your content being locked to one device in one room, it can follow you wherever you go. Content such as live video streams can also move between devices such as your Galaxy Note8 and QLED TV. Likewise, music from your mobile device can be streamed to your TV or connected speaker.


But with Bixby, life is even more simplified. If you start watching a TV show in the living room, you can say, “Bixby, I will keep watching in the bedroom,” and Bixby will pause your show and resume it when you get to the bedroom. All the associated tasks and devices can also move rooms with you and Bixby can turn the devices off in the living room if it’s now empty.


In the near future, you could even use Bixby to help you take better care of your health. If you were to take a photo of something you were eating, for instance, Bixby Vision could automatically calculate the number of calories in the meal, and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch could track calorie intake. Using this data, the Family Hub fridge could recommend recipes to help you manage your caloric intake.


These home technology demonstrations are based on the ability of Samsung’s devices to communicate with one another. The company’s technology goes far beyond the capabilities of a regular AI assistant.



Business & Mobility: Expanding Intelligence Beyond the Home

Look outside the home and you’ll see Samsung has brought AI and IoT innovation there, too.


For instance, the Samsung Flip, a newly developed digital signage solution, supports wireless synchronization between a laptop and a smartphone, thereby expanding the office experience. Ideas captured by the Samsung Notebook 9 Pen or Galaxy Note8 can therefore be displayed immediately on the Samsung Flip for brainstorming. Seamless sharing on a mobile device via NFC is also available, helping to bring about a collaborative workspace where creative ideas can be exchanged freely.


With the combination of 5G and automotive electronics, Samsung also plans to present a new vision for the connected car. The Digital Cockpit, a new automotive electronics platform developed by Samsung and HARMAN, is an extraordinary result of collaboration. At the CES exhibition venue, you can interactively experience the Digital Cockpit with VR, and also check out the TCU (Telematics Control Unit) and Mirror Replacement Vision System through the kiosk.


As one of the largest connected device companies in the world, Samsung is well-placed to deliver the level of intelligence that will make life easier for users. The great thing is that this harmonized life for consumers will soon be a reality. Come take a peek at what will be your new lifestyle at Samsung’s booth at CES.


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