[Video] Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow Shows How Small Gestures Can Lead to Big Changes

on October 20, 2016
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Samsung’s annual Solve for Tomorrow contest is designed to raise enthusiasm for STEM subjects—science, technology, engineering and mathematics—and inspire creative problem solving among the leaders of tomorrow. Deliberating on social issues alongside students, the program is a leading example of supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of students to contribute to local communities.


Included among these communities are Reno, Nevada, where students like Isabella Reyes Klein and her classmates have already made a very big difference.


After recognizing that students with special needs at her high school required extra assistance to carry out everyday tasks, Isabella decided to put her STEM skills to use in an effort to help these students gain greater independence.


She, along with a group of her peers from the STEM Academy at Galena High School, utilized a 3D modeling program to design a portable tray table that could easily be attached to a wheelchair. The task was not without its challenges, but after much trial and error—and the creation of 21 prototypes—the students were successful.


Not only did the project allow the students with disabilities to gain a sense of autonomy, but it illustrated how a small gesture can lead to impactful changes. It also showcased the advantages of technology in today’s world. For their efforts, the team was named the Solve for Tomorrow National Winner in 2015.


Since 2013, Samsung has held 41 Solve for Tomorrow contests in 17 countries, with over 200,000 student participants.

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