[Video] SmartThings Enables Homeowners to Detect Motion and Changes in Their Home

on January 27, 2016
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Recently, it has become possible for homeowners to monitor unexpected activity in their homes from any location, thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) services like Samsung SmartThings.


SmartThings can detect and immediately notify the user of changes in the home, such as motion in a room or an opening window.


The following videos feature SmartThings detecting and notifying users of a cute, whiskered burglar’s midnight break-in and a dog’s reckless escape, and illustrate how the service allows users to remotely turn off appliances in their home. Let’s take a look at the clips, which show how SmartThings enables homeowners to enjoy a smart and pleasant daily life.





SmartThings is an open platform that connects a broad range of smart devices and services. With the SmartThings Hub, accompanying sensors and over 200 compatible devices, users can easily turn their home into a smart home.

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