[Video] Take an Online Tour at Samsung Innovation Museum – The Era of Inventors Exhibition

on September 16, 2020
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Samsung Electronics will be releasing a series of four weekly videos based on the Samsung Innovation Museum’s (S/I/M’s) permanent “The Era of Inventors” exhibition. Entitled “Discovery of Electricity,” “Uses of Electricity,” “History of Telecommunication” and “Invention of Home Appliances”, the videos will be released on the Samsung Newsroom YouTube channel and the S/I/M website.


S/I/M is the largest electronics industry museum in Korea and displays exhibitions that aim to portray the history of the electronics industry and the early scientists and corporations that contributed to its advancement. The museum also looks to introduce Samsung’s legacy of innovation in the sector, outlining how the company built on the work of its predecessors to help the electronics industry move forward.


Being made available online, the videos will outline how innovation in the electronics industry has changed the way we live our lives and reshaped the development of human civilization.


The first video, “Discovery of Electricity”, probes back through human history to tell the story of the first document ever written about electricity. Penned in 600 B.C., this record marks the inception of what would eventually develop into the modern electronics industry. The video also details the development of the early electrical storage device, the Leyden Jar.


To see all this and more, check out S/I/M’s first video, “Discovery of Electricity”, below.


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