[Video] The Evolution of QLED: 5 Ways That Samsung Enhanced Its Latest QLED TVs

on March 9, 2018
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The 2018 Samsung QLED TV has evolved again. This year’s models take QLED innovation and versatility to new heights, thanks to enhancements that have made the TVs that much more immersive, intelligent and in tune with users’ lifestyles. Let’s take a closer look at the 2018 QLED TVs that redefine expectations for immersion, utility and design.




1. Extra-large 75-inch TV, Presence in All Lineup


The TV is getting bigger. Regardless of the size of the living room, large-size TVs tend to be preferred, and TVs in this category (over 75 inches) are expected to grow by more than 30~40% each year. That’s why the 2018 QLED TV lineup features more models over 75 inches than in previous years.


Each QLED TV offers truly immersive visuals that have been optimized by Samsung’s Q-Engine technology to reduce or eliminate issues that can affect other large TVs, such as noise and juddering. This allows the TVs to provide superior image quality compared to other large displays and makes fast-paced action in a sport or scene appear smoother and more realistic.


What’s more, the 8K QLED TV to be launched in the second half of this year is equipped with high-definition conversion technology that uses artificial intelligence to upscale the picture up to 8K. As a result, users will be able to immerse themselves in the content on a large screen regardless of the image source.



2. Deeper Contrast in Any Environment


When it comes to producing accurate images, contrast is key. In 2018, Samsung QLED TV dramatically improved contrast ratio and deep color with its 100% color volume.


Samsung’s QLED TVs feature a new ‘Direct Full Array’ that carefully regulates brightness. This cutting-edge technology employs a full grid of LED backlights to ensure that each section of the screen is accurately illuminated in order to deliver the best possible image quality. This feature allows the QLED TVs to darken specific areas of the screen while simultaneously illuminating others. This creates dazzling contrast – with brighter brights and darker darks – and allows content that’s been optimized to feature rich, nuanced color, such as HDR10+ video, to really shine.



Additionally, ‘Ultra Black Elite’ is a new anti-reflection technology that makes on-screen blacks perfect. It eliminates screen reflection to ensure that images remain sharp and vibrant at any angle.



3. Bixby Support, Easy Connect & Content Share


Many people feel a hassle to install a separate app and use the cloud. The 2018 QLED TV is based on a new platform called ‘SmartThings’, a cloud solution called ‘SmartThings Cloud’ and a single AI called ‘Bixby’. It automatically recognizes devices and provides the convenience of connecting and managing all devices through a single cloud.



The new Samsung QLED TV can easily connect with other devices simply through a click on the mobile app. In addition, ‘Bixby’ can be used to recognize complex search queries and perform entertainment functions, as well as control other home appliances in the house. The ‘One Remote Control’ function, which handles all devices connected to the TV, and the ‘Universal Guide’, which collects and displays the content that consumers usually like on one screen, make it easier and faster for users to get straight to their favorites.



4. Ambient Mode Without Burn-in


The TV is the hub of home entertainment. However, except for four to five hours of TV viewing a day, it stays on the black screen all day, providing little additional value. Now, Samsung has rebuilt the off screen of its QLED TV into a display that provides a beautiful and practical experience.


‘Ambient Mode’ allows you to view information such as weather, time, and news, or to display pictures and videos on the screen even when you are not watching TV. The TV screen completely melts into the surrounding space, eliminating the monotony of a black screen and providing a new TV experience. Notably, the 2018 QLED TV can operate in ambient mode for 24 hours a day without burn-in. The burn-in free technology means the TV does not fade or suffer from image retention – even after long periods.



5. One Invisible Connection Makes More…

Cables and peripherals that are connected to a TV in a complex way tend to interfere with the overall aesthetic of the interior. The 2018 Samsung QLED TV provides a solution that takes into account the space where the TV is installed. It’s called One Invisible Connection and it combines data and power lines to make sure the limited space around the TV isn’t obstructed by multiple wires.
One Invisible Connection integrates everything from the last year’s Invisible Connection, which connects the complicated lines of peripheral devices with a single data cable, to the power line of the TV. It is the first in the industry to simultaneously transmit large capacity AV data and power over a single cable. In addition, it can be extended up to 15m, so you can freely position the TV regardless of where the power source is. Users can also control various peripherals through ‘One Connect Box’ which means the infra-red signal from the remote control can be directed at just one device.




*Specific features may vary by region and market

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