The Philosophy Behind Samsung TVs

on March 23, 2016
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Samsung Electronics has unveiled a brand video that explains its TV business philosophy. The video showcases how people experience the world together through their TVs.


Even though people may be watching in different parts of the world, they all watch the same news stories, and all share in the joys and tragedies that TV can convey.


It’s that sense of connection and new experience that drives Samsung’s approach to developing TVs, creating state-of-the-art devices and the highest-quality images.


Prominent German commercial director Jan Wentz is the creative mastermind behind this video. Over two weeks, Wentz filmed in 10 locations and three countries to capture a wide range of real life footage. Then, to create a follow-up video, he and his fifty-person crew scaled 4,000-meter-high mountains in Chile to shoot some breathtaking scenes.


Wentz explained, “I captured diverse moments of life in various episodes, which, when viewed on Samsung TVs, allow viewers to encounter new worlds and experience new emotions, behaviors and possibilities.”


The brand video will launch Samsung’s new “This Is TV” campaign, which aims to show consumers the true value of TV.


Samsung, which has led the global TV market for the past decade, is looking to further expand TV’s fundamental value as tele-vision (a Greek-Latin combination that literally means “far sight”) and to strengthen TV’s role as a platform that connects people across space and time, and brings them together to enhance their lives.


The campaign is being conducted under the leadership of Sunghee Han, Vice President of Samsung’s Visual Display Business. Han was recently put in charge of Samsung’s TV marketing, and introducing the new campaign.


“The ‘This Is TV’ campaign sets the standard of what TV can be,” Han noted.” It is part of a long-term approach to demonstrate that Samsung only offers TVs that are worth owning.”

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