[Video] The Wall’s New Display Technology to Provide Unprecedented TV Experience

on January 10, 2018
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Perhaps one of the most attention-garnering products unveiled by Samsung Electronics at CES 2018 is its 146-inch The Wall, the world’s first modular display. Featuring a number of display technology advancements, The Wall is set to usher in the future of displays by providing an unsurpassed viewing experience while seamlessly integrating into consumers’ lives – and living rooms.


The Wall’s true innovation lies in its incorporation of brand-new, self-emitting display technology that clusters numerous MicroLED chips and removes the need for color filters altogether. This advanced technology allows the screen to outperform existing displays in just about every aspect of picture quality. Offering the truest natural colors and improved response time, The Wall provides an entirely new viewing experience.


Furthermore, The Wall’s module-based and bezel-less design, which is capable of reaching over 100 inches, enables consumers to easily customize their display size to align with their style preferences and living environment. Each 9.37-inch module seamlessly integrates with the next without altering the display’s fine-tuned MicroLED structure. Therefore, users always get optimum picture quality and resolution no matter how big they decide to build their screen.


Get a close-up look at The Wall in the video above.

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