[Video] The New NVMe SSD 970 PRO and EVO SSDs Land and Shake Up Computing Performance

on April 24, 2018
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In a scene not dissimilar to a sci-fi movie, a desolate planet is immediately transformed into a vibrant city thanks to the latest innovation from Samsung. In the launch video, the drive activates a new high technology world in outer space, symbolizing how the Samsung NVMe solid state drives (SSD) 970 can power the users’ imagination. Samsung’s leading SSD series allows users to boost their creativity and enhance daily workflow with its unprecedented performance.


The speed of the Samsung 970 PRO and EVO SSD that unlocks a new level of computing performance is unveiled in the video. The new line of SSDs can completely transform how tech enthusiasts and professionals think about computing, forming a vital piece of the puzzle to making the best of high-performance computing system.


For high performance PC users looking to process large volumes of data for 3D and 4K graphics work, high end games, or data analytics, the 970 series sets a new standard. The new SSDs have improved write speeds that are up to 30 percent in sequential write speeds, 50 percent in random write speeds better than the previous generation, thanks to Samsung’s latest V-NAND technology and the newly designed Phoenix controller. The NVMe interface allows for industry-leading performance and sequential read/write speeds up to 3500MB/s, 2700MB/s . With the new 970 PRO and EVO, Samsung has once again set a precedent for consumer-focused NVMe SSDs – a market the company has led since its inception in 2015.


Check out how the 970 PRO and EVO make all the difference in this video below.



This NVMe SSD 970 video is a continuation of the previous generation’s launch video, which portrayed the SSD 960 pioneering new possibilities in outer space. Check out the Samsung NVMe SSD 960 video here.

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