View to a Thrill: Exploring the Galaxy View, Part 1

on November 3, 2015
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Samsung’s newly announced Galaxy View promises to be much more than just another mobile device —it’s a new dimension in entertainment, a fun and convenient device that empowers you to do more and enjoy life more. At 18.4 inches, the Galaxy View is big enough to be a full-fledged media device you can use to watch all your favorite content, but at just 2.65 kilograms and with long-lasting battery life providing up to eight hours of video playback*, it’s incredibly movable, giving you the flexibility to watch what you want, wherever you want.


In this two-part series, we’ll look at the many ways the Galaxy View can transform your family life, regardless of who you are—an on-the-go mom, busy dad, creative daughter or fun-loving son. Part 1 explores how the Galaxy View can make mom’s and dad’s lives more fun and fulfilled, then Part 2 looks at their kids and the Galaxy View’s ability to empower them and share more.




More Fulfilling Times for Mom


Imagine the life of mom who has a job related to design. The Galaxy View is a major windfall. When meeting with clients, rather than wrestling with large files and awkward graphics, she can just take her Galaxy View with her, all set up just the way she likes, ready to impress. She can show off her schematics and virtual mock-ups so the client can get a real, immersive idea of what the project will be like. And if the client is ready to sign right then and there, she can also present the final contracts and close the deal.


After closing the deal, even the most tireless businesswoman needs to relax and unwind. Perhaps scented candles and a long, hot bath while watching her favorite shows? At just 2.65 kilograms, the Galaxy View is easily moved to the bathroom to a convenient spot for viewing there. And, while watching, if she notices a location she really likes—for example, a nice restaurant—she can pause the show, open a web browser and search for information about it.


Shopping, too, is a snap, with the Galaxy View’s large touch-screen. Her mother-in-law might have a birthday coming up, so she checks out her favorite online store, finds a fashionable scarf, orders it and has it shipped directly to her mother-in-law. Easy. She can even call up her mother-in-law by video chat to see how the scarf looks on her and to wish her a happy birthday.


The Galaxy View can also bring a whole new dimension to family entertainment. What if her son wants to watch a movie but her daughter really wants a family camping trip? With the Galaxy View, she can help give them both a fun trip. The Galaxy View has a large, clear screen and loud stereo speakers that are good enough for everyone to enjoy together, but it is still easily movable with a strong battery that provides up to eight hours of video playback*. So she can take her family out to the countryside, where they can enjoy cooking around a fire and relaxing in nature, but then add some exciting entertainment with movies on the Galaxy View.


Finally, the Galaxy View provides mom with a great way to stay in shape, even when the weather is too cold or there’s too much rain outside. She enjoys exercising through yoga, which emphasizes flexibility and core strength. With the Galaxy View, it is easy to fire up her favorite yoga routine with just the tap on the screen. It’s so easy and convenient that it’s a snap to make exercise time a regular part of her schedule with the Galaxy View.


At work, at home or while traveling, the Galaxy View can help mom get more work done, enjoy more time with her family and spend quality time with herself—and that adds up to a more fulfilling lifestyle.




For Dad, the Galaxy View Adds Fun


Business is booming at dad’s office, with sales enjoying a big boost over the past quarter. That’s good news, sure, but unfortunately even good news can mean more work, including late-night videoconferences. In the past, that might have meant staying late, waiting for HQ to hold the big meeting. But with the Galaxy View’s front-facing camera and large, clear screen, it’s easy to participate in videoconferences from home. He just sets up his Galaxy View in his study or other quiet place—that way, he can get his work done, but still spend the evening with his family at home.


Another important part of his business is keeping his golf game sharp, so he can impress clients out on the links. And, once again, the Galaxy View can help here, too. Maybe it’s too cold to go outdoors during the winter, but he can definitely find the time to practice a bit with his favorite golfing app at home. The big screen and long-lasting battery mean there’s plenty of time for him to keep practicing from any spot in the home he finds convenient. By studying videos and working on his form every day, once the next golf season comes around in the spring, he is all ready to play, impressing his colleagues with his improved game.


Dad’s the kind of guy who’s always looking to do those little extras for his family. For instance, when his wife is exhausted from work and needs a pick-me-up, he uses his Galaxy View to find one of her favorite recipes to cook for her. Maybe a favorite chicken soup recipe. With the Galaxy View standing on the counter, he can follow the recipe and use photos for references while he chops, mixes and cooks the best chicken soup ever. It’s one of those small gestures that makes a big difference, reviving his wife’s spirits and brightens everyone’s day.


The next day, there’s a big soccer game playing that he definitely wants to watch, but the house is in desperate need of cleaning, too. Fortunately, the Galaxy View is easy to move around the house with a great battery, so he is able to keep the game close-by even as he moves from room to room, washing, sweeping and tidying up. At 18.4 inches, the HD screen is great for watching sports, without making him squint like a small, mobile display would.


The quality of the Galaxy View screen also means that dad-the-big-sports-fan no longer has to worry about negotiating TV time with the rest of the family. If someone else wants to catch a new movie or TV drama, he just takes the Galaxy View to the home office downstairs, to enjoy the latest game from the comfort of his favorite chair. Fewer arguments mean everyone gets to maximize what they enjoy, and that means a happier family.


As you can see, the Galaxy View is a transformative device that can truly make a difference in the lives of both mom and dad. In Part 2, we’ll take a look at how the Galaxy View can also help the family’s son and daughter get more out of school and their personal lives.


To check out Part 2 of our View to a Thrill series, about how the Galaxy View is changing people’s lives, please click here.


*All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.


*Battery performance may vary depending on network conditions and device usage.

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