Voice of America Highlights Samsung’s Solar Powered Schools Project

on July 1, 2014
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built for africa - solar powered school


Last week, Voice of America’s Aida Akl highlighted how Samsung is continuing to help close the global divide – by harnessing the power of the sun. Samsung’s Solar Powered Schools Project has helped provide better education to 30,000 students in rural parts of Africa as of 2013. By repurposing shipping containers into classrooms and utilizing solar panels on its roofs, students are able to have access to computers and the internet in areas where electricity is sometimes unreliable or even nonexistent.


Aida also wrote about how Samsung is using this concept to not only improve access to education, but also to quality medical treatment across underserved communities in Africa. The truck-mounted Solar Powered Health Centers, a part of the recently launched Nanum Village initiative, are a collaborative effort between Samsung and local NGOs and governments to provide care like ultrasound and xenodiagnosis. Samsung is on track to treat more than one million patients through these efforts. 


With a goal of 16 Solar Powered Schools in Africa by 2015, Samsung is continuing to show how global humanitarian issues can be solved through the deployment of sustainable technology. Please see the full article to learn more.


students at samsung solar powered school

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