Want UHD? Do it yourself with Galaxy S5

on July 30, 2014
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If you could get any TV in the world right now, what kind would it be?  Can we dare to guess that it would be a UHD TV? That’s not really a shot-in-the-dark guess, because UHD TVs have been a hot topic lately. The general consensus is that watching things on UHD TV is definitely a pleasant experience.


Not only that, but the amount of UHD content is definitely increasing, as many prominent streaming services offer original UHD content, which is quickly becoming a viewer favorite. Moreover, there are camcorders that can record UHD videos (although it really isn’t a thing yet), which is a sign that UHD is the future standard quality of video.


However, some might not feel like the amount of available UHD content on TV isn’t really enough yet. If you are one of those people, we would like to introduce a way to create your own UHD video with Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 3.


It is really very simple.


Select the Video Size to UHD then Record the video  


First, activate the camera on the Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 3 then go to settings. Select the video size to UHD (38040×2160).


UHD Video captured on Galaxy S5


Now, how would you watch this video on UHD TV?


Below is a picture of OTG (On the Go) USB Memory stick. OTG USB memory stick can be connected to various devices to transfer files such as videos and photos from smartphones and eventually to your PC or other devices or vice versa. Now all you have to is use this OTG USB memory.


How to Transfer files from Galaxy S5 to OTG


This is quite easy as well. All you have to do is go to ‘My File’ option of your Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note.


Insert the OTG to UHD TV


When the transfer of the file is done, all you have to do is plug this stick into the TV. 


UHD TV will automatically Recognize the OTG Memory Stick


Your TV will automatically recognize the OTG USB, so really, all you have to do is press play.


Galaxy S5 recorded UHD Video on UHD TV


OK, if that was too quick, here is the recap, just in case you need it.


1. Record UHD video with the Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 3

2. Use the OTG USB stick to transfer the video file.

3. Plug it into the UHD TV.


Easy, right? Record it as much as you want and show it or view it as much as you want on your UHD TV! 

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