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on July 7, 2014
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There are various features of Galaxy S5 that come in handy in your everyday life, but Samsung WatchON 2.0 might be just the app you are looking for to simplify your living room. With WatchON, you can check what’s on TV, control your TV and set top box, share content between devices and more; basically, it is a cool new universal remote and personal TV guide application with enhanced usability and UI.


As easy as it is to use, it was considerably harder to develop the app. The Galaxy S5 is used all around the world, and as a result, Samsung WatchON 2.0, especially as a universal remote and personal TV guide application, had to be sure it fit the needs of a worldwide audience.


watchON 2.0


Because it is simple.


WatchON 2.0 has simpler and more intuitive than its predecessor does. Also, the accessibility has been enhanced on search and remote control features so you can find the content you want more easily. Most importantly, the installation process has been reduced to 3 steps from 15.



Because it is localized.


To make WatchON 2.0 available for everyone around the world, the developing team had some unique challenges to overcome. Ensuring that the WatchON 2.0 worked well in different locations, the engineers had to work at the headquarters of 60 different countries, with some teams traveling to three or four countries, without a specific manual or guidance for reference. This data and information-gathering mission was invaluable for launching the app.



Because it has great Content Partnerships.


The marketing team also had their work cut out for them. Hyunyoung Park, Assistant Manager of the Video Service Group, stated that the partnership between Netflix, the largest video streaming company in the U.S. and Samsung was achieved after several attempts. Also, he had to persuade smaller but ambitious start-ups to join to create an eco-system powered by WatchON 2.0, which eventually was a success.


However, Robert Hodges, Assistant Manager of the Video Service Group, claimed that it was easier for the marketing team to reach the European market, with its overflowing small-sized service partnerships without a unified platform. Despite the difference in the size and locations of global business partners, the team believed that the partnerships were rewarding, as something new is added with every cooperative effort.


All the engineers, developers, and marketers have and are working strenuously to develop new markets for TV apps and take the lead in the newfound market. We can expect to see peoples’ lives becoming more convenient, at least in the living room, with the WatchON 2.0.  

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