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on September 9, 2013
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At IFA 2013 Berlin, Samsung has been showcasing a custom-designed upscale home called Samsung Premium House where people get to experience a premium home environment featuring a fully operational kitchen and living room decorated with Samsung digital appliances.


You already have been buzzed about GALAXY Gear, GALAXY Note 3, Curved UHD TV and UHD OLED TV. So today, we would like to show you around our house equipped with the finest and highly advanced digital appliances at IFA 2013 @ Berlin. Welcome to Samsung Premium House where the magic happens.


Make yourself at home and play around with the cool digital appliances. Like our special reporter Soy!



Playing can take a lot of energy out of you after a while, so you must eat to recharge yourself. But first, you must check the refrigerator. The Food ShowCase Refrigerator makes it easy for you to find whatever you need; saving energy for yourself and the world!



Did you get everything you need? It is time to cook! Ovens are great tool to make delicious meals and deserts. But baking cookies after stuffing yourself with a full plate of lasagna could be tough, mentally, of course. Don’t you wish you can make the main dish and the desert at the same time? Well, this might be the oven you’ve been looking for. Witness the magic of this oven.



You played and cooked; it has been a very efficient day. You deserve to relax. However, when your house is filled with the smell of the dinner you just had, it can be a bit annoying… Not when you have a Samsung Air Purifier! See how you can fill your house with a fresh air on demand!



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