What Happened to the Galaxy 11 and People’s thoughts on Samsung @ CES 2014

on January 11, 2014
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Samsung Tomorrow at CES 2014

What happened to the Galaxy 11? We haven’t heard anything about the Galaxy 11 since the announce of its complete roster about a month ago. Where are they and what are they doing? They have the fate of our planet on their shoulder, we have the right to know what they are up to!


Galaxy 11


Guess what!, Samsung Tomorrow found them at the Galaxy Studio in Las Vegas Convention Center where CES 2014 is happening… well, we found the life-size cardboard display versions of them. To be honest, we found it somewhat relieving to know that they aren’t in Las Vegas because we rather have them save time and energy to practice so that we can maintain our foot on this planet.


Galaxy 11


Since we were already at the Galaxy studio we decided to check it out. The Galaxy Studio was definitely a happening place. People were waiting in lines to get their photo printed on the Galaxy 11 T-shirt using a Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Gear, taking pictures with the life-size cardboard display versions of Galaxy 11 and checking out the display and presentation of Galaxy Note 3Galaxy GearGalaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition, Galaxy S4. and Galaxy S4 Zoom.


Galaxy 11


We also met up with some people and talked about some football and CES 2014.



Meet Johanan Sen (Malaysia)


Johanan Sen (Malaysia)


Favorite player: Lionel Messi


About Samsung @ CES 2014: “I really enjoyed the UHD TVs and the new Galaxy TabPRO. What Samsung has been able to do with the TVs are simply awesome!”



Meet Fernando Martinez (California, United States)


Meet Fernando Martinez (California, United States)


Favorite Player: Landon Donovan


About Samsung @ CES 2014: “I just got here at the CES 2014 30 minutes ago, so I haven’t been able to check out the Samsung booth. However, I’m really liking the Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 edition here at the Galaxy Studio and looking forward to checking out the Samsung booth.”



Deb Foster (New Zealander living in Los Angeles)


Deb Foster (New Zealander living in Los Angeles)


Favorite Player: Cristiano Ronaldo


About Samsung @ CES 2014: “I’ve been with Samsung for a while and this year’s CES is especially fun. People are showing a lot of interest in the Galaxy S4 zoom I’m demonstrating. It is a phone and a camera at the same time, how can it not be cool?”


Paul Scott, Head of Marketing for Imaging at Samsung Electronics UK


Paul Scott, Head of Marketing for Imaging at Samsung Electronics UK


Favorite Player: Wayne Rooney


About Samsung @ CES 2014: “I have to say that I’m excited to show people our new Galaxy Camera 2 and the NX30. People are really going to enjoy the fast shutter speed of the new cameras, as well as the SMART functions and all the apps for the cameras.”



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