What You See with Your Mind’s Eyes

on March 30, 2012
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A very special photo exhibit opened in Seoul, South Korea filled with sound, touch, and smell. We’d like to introduce you to an exhibit that features both sight and insight.



The photo exhibition was created by photographer YoungHo Kang and the Hanbit School for the Blind. The photographs taken by the blind students themselves were divided into the three categories of “touch to see”, “feel to see” and “listen to see”.



Next to every photo displayed at the exhibit is a QR code that you can use to view up 100 additional pictures as well as the background on the student that took the photo. Since the pictures were taken through every sense other than sight, the photos are truly unique.



GALAXY Note and Smart TV Area



In addition the WB150F Camera used for many of the photos, there was a station where you could use and play with the GALAXY Note and Samsung Smart TVs. Using the GALAXY Note’s AllShare feature, you could spend and save the pictures on the Note to your own smartphone.





Sixteen year old YunSun Kong said she touched a sheep for the first time during her photo taking sessions. In addition to YunSun Kong, we talked to fellow photographer/student NaRa Shin and YoungHo Kang, who spearheaded the project.



Thank you for speaking with us.  We heard you spent 3 days at Jeju Island to take pictures. Wasn’t that hard?

YunSun Kong: Not at all. I had a great time in those 3 days, filled with new experiences.



Out the photos you’ve taken, which one is your favorite?

YunSun Kong: The photo I took after imprinting my face on a snow field!

NaRa Shin: After putting my hands and feet in the sea, I felt something and it was seaweed which felt really unique.


Were there any memorable episodes during your stay at Jeju Island?

YoungHo Kang: I think I’ll always remember chatting and singing with the kids on the bus rides. It was like we were one big happy family.

NaRa Shin: I think I’ll remember when YunSun knocked over a stone statue. Everyone had a big laugh.


What kind of sensations led you to press the shutter?

YunSun Kong: It’s hard to explain.  I try to imagine what the object or place is like by touching and listening and take the picture when it feels right.


Do you plan to continue taking pictures?

YunSun Kong: Mr. Kang has shown me a whole new world with photography. I want to continue exploring that world.

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