What’s App-ening? Spring 2012 (Part II)

on April 10, 2012
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As we enter April of 2012, we want to introduce to you more great Apps for your Samsung Smart TV. First are the Signature Services, the perfect apps for integration to your life, making everyday tasks that much easier and efficient. Then there are the Top 5 new apps, and finally we’ll take a closer look at SwipeIt, the sharing tool that connects all your smart devices.


So why don’t we get started?


Signature Services



Samsung Apps continues to flourish in 2012 with the introduction of Signature Services, a special trio of content that allows you to share photos, memories and notes with your family from the TV to their personal devices. Each of the three offerings – Family Story, Fitness, and Kids – is designed to bring your friends and family together for seamless, enjoyable content experiences.


The first offering is Family Story, a cloud-based offering that lets users share photos, messages and reminders on a virtual bulletin board. Up to 1,000 photos can be uploaded, and up to 20 family members can access Family story at any time, from anywhere. All you need is a registered device to enjoy a handful of features like “Story of the Day,” which organizes all family stories by date so everyone can stay updated on the latest family news in a timeline view


Next up is Fitness, which makes exercising more convenient and accessible. Not only can you plan Fitness around your schedule, but you can easily monitor your physical activities and create personal, customized goals. Additionally, Fitness can record your weight and BMI analytics to automatically track your progress.


The final offering, Kids, provides a rich catalog of educational and entertaining content, letting children learn new concepts while having fun.  To encourage this learning, children are awarded with stickers that they can collect in a virtual sticker book. The Kids service also recommends a number of safe, pre-selected content so children can intuitively access and play it; meanwhile parents can adjust settings to manage what their children are watching and for how long.



Top 5 New Apps


RedBull TV

 Watch exclusive sports and cultural events, shows, interviews and documentaries from around the world in real-time or through video on demand. Red Bull TV brings the most significant events and moments straight to your home.


NatGeo Images 

National Geographic Images is the finest collection of premium content for Samsung Smart TVs.  Includes dozens of compelling photographs to make your TV come to life.







Easily share photos and videos from your mobile device to your television. Over a WiFi network, use your smartphone or tablet to seamlessly share content with the TV!





Stay current with the latest cinema news. With CineTrailer, you have access to high quality movie trailers and films currently in theaters and on DVD. Choose from 9 different languages across 11 European regions.



FashionTV (FTV)

Get the most comprehensive review of global fashion through FashionTV, the only 24/7 international TV network that is exclusively dedicated to fashion, beauty, glamour and style.


App Insights – SwipeIt




The Samsung SwipeIt app lets you effortlessly share content from your smartphone or tablet to a Samsung Smart TV. Use your smartphone or tablet to share an image or video by simply swiping your finger in an upward motion on the screen. This content is then displayed instantly on a Samsung Smart TV.


What is more, there is no complicated set up involved to connect the devices. Just use the unique five-digit TV code to connect, select and share your special moments with friends and family.


SwipeIt can be used locally, meaning you will need to be under the same WiFi network for your TV and mobile device to share content. Multiple people can share with the same TV at the same time. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices, as well as 2012, 2011 and 2010 Samsung Smart TVs. SwipeIt is free of charge.

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