When Placido Domingo meets the Curved UHD TV

on May 29, 2014
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What would you do when you want to go see an opera? You can, of course, buy a ticket and go to the concert hall. But what if, Placido Domingo is starring in one in Austria and you are on the other side of the globe? Instead of contemplating on buying the next flight to Austria or being disappointed, the King of the Opera suggests a great alternative for fans. Here comes the story.



The opera “Nabucco”


As you already know, Placido Domingo is one of the world’s top three tenors, with Jose Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti. Known for strong and versatile voice, he has been highly praised and greatly loved from the world. As of the end of 2013, he has sung 144 different roles.




On May 7th, Placido Domingo starred “Nabucco” at the Vienna State Opera. “Nabucco” is an opera composed in 1841 by Giuseppe Verdi, based on biblical stories about the Jews and the Babylonian King Nabucco (“Nebuchadnezzar” in English). The best-known number from the opera is “Va, pensiero (Fly, thought)” which is regularly given as an encore in many opera houses when performed today.



▲”Va, pensiero” of the opera “Nabucco”



The Curved UHD TV that even captivated Placido Domingo


Where the opera “Nabucco” was performed, the Vienna State Opera (“Wiener Staatsoper” in German), is an opera house with a history dating back to the mid-19th century. On May 7th, this worldly-known opera house with the world’s great tenor prepared a surprising present: the first UHD live streaming of the opera.


With Samsung sponsoring, Nabucco officially became the first opera to be streamed live in UHD. In order to announce this exceptional project, the Vienna State Opera and Samsung invited local and selected global media to a press conference on May 5th. At the famous Tea Salon (VIP room) of the opera house, Mr. Domingo himself welcomed the guests, and people from the world watching the UHD live-streaming.




Domingo was truly excited about the incredible picture quality of the streaming content on Samsung’s 65’’ Curved UHD TV. He even joked and asked people not to come too close, as every drop of sweat would be visible in its full detail of the UHD. To support and announce this project, Mr. Domingo not only invited opera fans with a dedicated YouTube video but also promoted this event on his facebook.




Since October 2013, Samsung and the Vienna State Opera have teamed up with the platform “Vienna State Opera live at home” for people to enjoy the operas in their living rooms. The program featured selected performances of the State Opera in full HD. Now thanks to the UHD screen (an amazing 3840 x 2160 pixels), it provides four times the pixel of the full HD.



The opera comes to your home


As global UHD live stream made its debut, Samsung invited all Smart TV users with devices to enjoy the UHD live streaming of “Nabucco” with Placido Domingo, free of charge and with no registration required. All opera enthusiasts who were keen to experience this masterpiece could enjoy it in real time, sit in their own home.


With the Curved UHD TV, Placido Domingo gave a special present to his fans worldwide. Now the opera comes to your home – with the Samsung Smart TV app or online (http://staatsoperlive.com), you can be right there, in the middle of the opera house.

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