Where Did Monkeys Hide Stolen Food? Track Them Down!

on April 4, 2013
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Do you remember the YouTube video of cute little monkeys breaking into a house and stealing food from a Samsung refrigerator? We posted Monkeys Attack a Samsung’s New Bottom Mounted Freezer, so quickly check it out if you haven’t watched it yet.

where did monkeys hide stolen food

Now, you may be wondering – what did these monkeys do with all the stolen food?

These cute little monkeys showed up on Samsung Electronics Home Appliances Global Facebook page that was opened on February 4th as the main characters of a game. If you’d like to try the game, click https://apps.facebook.com/food-crush/, but we recommend you to keep reading this post first. There is more information you can get from here, so wait for few minutes!

Samsung refrigerator with easy access: easy in, easy out!   

Ironically, these monkeys were also aware of the fact that Samsung refrigerator presents easy ways to take out or store foods and they decided to store all of the stolen foods back in a  Samsung refrigerator!

where did monkeys hide stolen food

Let’s see how to play the game. (Don’t worry, it’s easy!)

where did monkeys hide stolen food

Move your blocks up and down or sideways to align at least three of the same blocks. When you get at least three matching blocks lined up, then they will pop and your points will go UP!

Move your cake! Sauce! Tomato! Ice cream! If you consistently get rid of your blocks, then your combo score will increase and you will get bonus points!

And, what’s this?

The block shown above is Samsung’s 10 year warranty mark, which is an indication of Samsung refrigerator’s durability and quality! If you click on this block in the middle of playing your game, you will get extra bonus points!

where did monkeys hide stolen food

Now, should we organize the foods once again in the right compartments? You can get more bonus points this way.

where did monkeys hide stolen food

Tall milk bottles should be stored in Big Guard! Often-used items should be stored in Grab ’n Go Basket to make them easily accessible!

Reach food easily with pull-out Easy Slide shelf! Keep your meat products fresh at 0°C and your vegetables at 3°C! Cool select zone.  Reduce the time to store, organize, and remove grocery items with full open box.

We guess stolen food can be stored and kept fresh for a pretty long time, huh?

where did monkeys hide stolen food

Here is another tip.  There are special gifts for you. After the event period, each country’s top gamer will be gathered around to figure out the Top 10 rankers, and these top 10 gamers will receive a brand new Samsung Fridge that is being sold in his/her country. Also, the top 30 players will win a Samsung Virus Doctor Air Purifier!

Now, you may go to play! Join the crush-food game!

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