Who needs pencil and paper? Samsung SLATE PC incorporated into Australian School

on March 14, 2012
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As we progress into the second decade of the 21st century, it’s hard not to be at least a little bit disappointed that our kids are still carrying pencils and notebooks to school.  But this is not the case to the girls at Australia’s St. Catherine’s School in Waverley.  Starting last February, the students of the girls’ boarding school were given Samsung Series 7 SLATE PCs to meet many of their academic needs.




After carefully considering a variety of mobile devices to be incorporated into school classes, Samsung’s Series 7 was chosen for its lightweight portability (12.85mm thin and 860g light) as well as its versatility, allowing students to use the touch screen, digitizer pen and wireless Bluetooth keyboard to input notes, homework and even post pictures and diagrams for later use.



The Australian government has been implementing a national education policy for some time with the intent to help students familiarize themselves with the IT environment. Since 2009, it has been providing netbooks to students in the ninth grade and higher while also encouraging students to do their homework using the Internet.



The SLATE PC also provides a working environment that is identical to a conventional Windows 7-based PC. It enables multitasking, allowing users to easily work on a document while surfing through the Web. It can also be used to easily manage class schedules and homework, and for email communication between teachers and students.


Parents are also excited at the added convenience that the device provides, as well as the benefits of the students becoming familiar with the latest technology from an early age.  With the SLATE PC, girls can watch and even participate in class even from a remote location, or record lectures to watch later on after school.


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“Initially I was skeptical about the merits of moving from laptops to tablet devices but 2011 pilot programs were truly convincing. Girls and teachers participating in the trials were adamant: learning and teaching is more effective using this technology.” - Paul Carnemolla, Head of Information and physics teacher at St. Catherine’s

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