Why Developers and users should be excited about Samsung Gaming

on February 27, 2014
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Once upon a time on planet Earth, human beings had to blow the dust off a cartridge until they were dizzy, or even rub a cotton swab soaked in mom’s nail polish remover (or industrial alcohol) just to play video games. Most of the time, this process needed to be repeated at least 3~4 times until the console recognized the game. A couple decades later, while the world is still amazed with the world of video games, the video game experience has dramatically changed. Not only has the quality of console games   improved significantly, people can play these high quality games on their mobile devices. If you are a game developer or a game fanatic, you should be excited, because Samsung at MWC 2014 is showcasing a new way to experience mobile games; the Multi-screen Gaming platform and the S Console.


S Console and MultiScreen Game showcase


As a developer, creating an app that provides a new experience is important. When you think about gaming, most of what is available is done on a single screen, whether that is a mobile device or a TV. Therefore, there has been a limitation in terms of engagement and interactivity. What if you could develop or play games on multiple screens?


Samsung’s Multi-screen Game can bring us a whole different gaming experience. As has already been mentioned a couple times on Samsung Tomorrow, multi-screen connects all the smart devices, such as, smartphones, tablets, and TVs, around you. With one host device, all the other devices can run the same game simultaneously; one source, multiple devices. Therefore, this could bring gamers a completely new experience.


For example, let’s say you already have smart devices, such as a pc, a tablet and a smartphone and a TV. Having to sit through maddening traffic every day, you feel the urge to play some fast-paced racing game. You position your tablet behind you and the phone to your left hand side. You control the game with your smartphone while using the TV as the main source for display. With the Multi-screen Game, you can run the racing game on all devices simultaneously, so that when you look at the phone on your left hand side you see the vehicles passing by on the left lane, and you can check out the vehicles that are chasing you on the tablet behind you. You can see the odometer on your smartphone while you are seeing all the action in front of you on the TV. It is like you are actually in the virtual world that the game provides.


S Console and MultiScreen Game demo


As you can imagine, there are many possibilities with the Multi-screen Game. You can also play a karaoke game where each device becomes a different instrument while the TV shows the whole band playing music. Therefore, if you are developer, you can develop games that provide a whole different experience for people using the Multi-screen Game.  


As was suggested above, smart devices such as Galaxy smartphones are equipped with hardware that can support very advanced and sophisticated video games. Moreover, a variety of gaming apps are available and easily accessible for people and it is awesome. However, we cannot help but feel that sometimes it is simply more awesome to play games on a bigger screen and with a controller. This is where S Console comes in.


S Console is an app that turns the Samsung Galaxy smartphones into a game console. Setting up the S Console is simple. You tag your smartphone to the Samsung Gamepad using the NFC, then plug in the smartphone in the smart dock which is connected to your TV via HDMI cable. After that, all you have to do is play your favorite mobile game on a bigger screen with the Gamepad.


But what if you are on the bus, subway or an airplane? You can also just attach the smartphone to Gamepad to have a portable gaming device. The process is as simple as it gets as well; you tag the phone with the Gamepad, then all you have to do is mount the smartphone into the Gamepad.


Therefore, if you are someone who cannot stand to waste idle time and love to play video games, S Console is something you want to look at. Your smartphone is something you have most of the time with you. If you are a game connoisseur who knows the art of playing games with a controller, to experience a high quality console games, all you need is the S Console and the Gamepad.


Whether you are a developer or a game lover in general, what Samsung is showcasing at the MWC should excite you. There are many opportunities for developers to develop games that bring a unique experience for all the Samsung device users using the platforms Samsung provides. And this is exciting for Samsung device users, because they get access to a wider variety of high quality games by creative developers. Therefore, new Multi-screen Game and the S Console are definitely something to get excited for.


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