Why Samsung developed the Galaxy Note Edge

on October 29, 2014
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You’ve seen what the Galaxy Note Edge looks like. You’ve taken a closer look at it and also gotten to know about the main features of the Edge Screen of the Galaxy Note Edge. So let us ask you, why do you think Samsung developed the Galaxy Note Edge?


Galaxy Note Edge-Edge Screen


The Edge of Standardization


With the Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung has yet another first-of-its-kind device in the mobile field. Yes, Samsung introduces many ‘world’s first’ products, but the priority always lies on users and their lifestyle.


If you take a look at the general trends of smartphones, the bezel is getting slimmer and the specifications are getting more powerful. This seems to be the standard. However, while meeting people’s expectations, Samsung wanted to offer something more. Here, Samsung decided to integrate its signature ‘curved display’ into a smartphone.


Galaxy Note Edge-Lifestyle Image


The Benefits from the Edge


The benefit of this curved display of the Galaxy Note Edge, better known as the edge screen, is quite easy to imagine. Just like a news ticker on the TV news channels, users can get their customized essential information such as news, sports, stocks, notifications and more on the Edge Screen without having to access the main display; it makes accessing quick info more effective and convenient.


Galaxy Note Edge-covers


Moreover, as many people use book-style smartphone covers, Galaxy Note Edge lets users control the device with the cover closed only with his other thumb to access frequently used apps such as the camera or contacts.


Most importantly, this design aligns with Samsung’s philosophy of multitasking on a bigger screen. When users want to multitask and have to activate another app, Samsung understands that they do not want to exit the currently opened app. The Edge screen not only gives easy access to apps, but also gives more real estate to work with.  By the way, even though the Edge Screen is placed on the right edge of the Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung made sure both right and left handed users can utilize the Edge Screen with the flip-screen function.


Samsung also made sure that the Galaxy Note Edge is durable. Samsung has a very high standard for device durability and performs rigorous tests. It has been said that Samsung performed more than 100 kinds of tests from the early stages of the development including various drop tests. As a result, Galaxy Note Edge is as durable as other Samsung devices.


For something to be innovative, it needs to introduce a new way of doing things. But it is much more important that it makes things much better, easier and more convenient for us, which is the prime motivation and inspiration of the Galaxy Note Edge. As it is planned to be released in more and more selected countries, it is exciting to see how people will take advantage of the Galaxy Note Edge.



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