Why You Should Bring Your Galaxy S6 to This Year’s Music Festivals

on May 21, 2015
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Why You Should Bring Your Galaxy S6 to This Year’s Music Festivals


Festival season is in full swing, and millions of music lovers around the globe are expected to attend this year’s biggest shows. Donauinselfest in Vienna, Austria; Mawazine in Rabat, Morocco; Governors Ball in New York City and Lollapalooza in Chicago are just a few of the world renowned festivals that continuously lure in crowds of concertgoers with extensive lineups of the biggest acts in music, and guarantees of weekend-long festival fun. For many, summer just wouldn’t be the same without attending one of these mega events.


Samsung, too, has joined in on the festivities at a number of shows, like this year’s Coachella and 2014’s Austin City Limits Music Festival, with the Samsung Galaxy Experience.




Through the experience, participants can check out the latest Samsung mobile devices like the Galaxy S6, and participate in a slew of activities, like creating their own souvenir postcard using the wide-angle selfie mode on the Galaxy S6 or jamming out to festival artists using Samsung’s Milk Music. If you’re a Galaxy device owner, you also get an opportunity to experience an exclusive, behind-the-scenes environment brought to life by Samsung products But in addition to all the swag that the Galaxy life can get you at these selected shows, the Galaxy S6 boasts a ton of helpful and organizational features that make it worthy as the ultimate festival companion. Here are a few of them.




S Planner
Before the festival, be sure to update your smartphone’s calendar (known as the S Planner) to include the dates, times and stages of the festival lineup. Setting a reminder for your must-see shows an hour in advance will ensure you won’t miss out on any of your favorite artists.


Camera Options
There’s no need to bring an extra camera to capture your favorite festival moments when you’ve got the superior image processing technology of the Galaxy S6. The Quick Launch feature allows you to use the camera rapidly at the peak of the action by simply double tapping the home button to open the camera while the superior video stabilization option prevents shaky video. And with the Wide-Angle selfie mode, you can squeeze all your friends (and if you’re lucky, your favorite musician you just happened to bump into) in the shot.


Why You Should Bring Your Galaxy S6 to This Year’s Music Festivals


Ultra Power Saving Mode
Using your phone all day at a festival to snap photos, send texts and make your friends jealous on social media can suck up a lot of juice. Battery life is, for obvious reasons, a precious commodity at musical festivals, which is why the S6’s Ultra Power Saving Mode is especially valuable.


Running the Galaxy S6 in this mode allows the device to last two days at a battery life of 37%, and lets you stretch the last 10% of battery life out for the last few acts of the festival. Sure, the screen might be black and white, and the number of useable applications is limited, but even with this adjustment you can still uses the essential functions.


Customizable Audio Settings
Can’t wait until the big show? There’s no better way to get pumped up for this year’s festivals than by jamming out to the headlining artists ahead of time. And the Galaxy S6 sound settings allow you to customize your sound experience.


The Adapt Sound option allows you to configure a personal sound setting based on your audio preferences when wearing headphones. You can also utilize SoundAlive+ to recreate the effect of rich surround sound, or Tube Amp to simulate the soft timbre of a tube amplifier. So, customize those options, crank up the volume and start the countdown until the big show.


Why You Should Bring Your Galaxy S6 to This Year’s Music Festivals


For festivals where camping is involved, you’ll most likely need some extra light. Unlike previous Galaxy smartphones, there’s no need to download an app to utilize the device’s flashlight. Simply access the widget by creating a quick-launch shortcut icon on your home screen.


Find My Mobile
Thanks to the close quarters and big crowds of musical festivals, you may happen to misplace your Galaxy S6. But don’t fret. Simply utilize the Find My Mobile* feature, which uses geo-location to track your device and prevent others from re-activating it. From the Find My Mobile website, you can ring, lock and wipe your smartphone.


*The Find My Mobile feature is only available in select regions.

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