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2011/02/17 by LiVE
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Feb. 17. 2011

세계 최대 모바일 전시회 MWC2011 에서 공개되는 삼성전자의 신제품 소식을 SMNR에서 가장 먼저 만나보세요.Click for Korean ☞   KOREAN 

10.1 is Born
Galaxy Tab 10.1 –
A New Member of the Galaxy Family

An interview with members of the Product Planning Group for Galaxy Tab 10.1
has been released through SMNR, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS.

* This interview is brought to you by SAMSUNG internal communication magazine ‘LiVE’.


삼성전자 갤럭시탭 10.1At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Barcelona, Spain, Samsung Mobile President Shin Jong-kyun called this year “the year of smart mobile devices.” He predicted that we’ll see a rush of new smart devices, such as smart phones and tablet devices. He also said that that Samsung Mobile would lead the way with new devices and total solutions such as contents and services, while leading the era of the Smart Life. And at the same place, we announced the Galaxy Tab 10.1
Even though there was a lot of public anticipation about a new Galaxy Tab 2 that would replace the previous Galaxy Tab, we came out with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 instead. We wanted to emphasize that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is not a successor to the existing Tab, but another model in the Galaxy Tab lineup.

We look at it as a strategy to diversify the lineup with the 7 inch display and the larger 10.1 inch display. But it wasn’t just the display that was changed. With the larger screen, the 10.1 is able to handle stronger multimedia functions. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 runs on Google’s tablet OS, Honeycomb, and features a 1Ghz dual core processor, 8MP camera, Full HD video recording and playback, and dual surroundspeakers, all of which support stronger multimedia functions. For further information, please refer to theGalaxy Tab 10.1 SMNR.

모델들이 삼성 갤럭시탭 10.1을 선보이고 있다

The Galaxy 10.1 has been reborn into a powerful multimedia device. In this article, we would like to share a few stories behind the development of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Let’s hear what Senior Manager Kang Byung-jin and Assistant Manager Kim Dong-joon from the Product Planning Grouphad to say about the development process.

Senior Manager Kang Byung-jin, Assistant Manager Kim Dong-joon
Q. The name of the device is not Galaxy Tab 2, it’s “Galaxy Tab 10.1” right?
Kim This is not a product that will replace the existing Galaxy Tab, it is another model that we’ve added to the Galaxy Tab lineup, and it has different characteristics. The first Galaxy Tab is a 7 inch tablet PC focused on portability. Along with the large display of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the device is focused on multimedia functions, and has much greater performance, thanks to the dual core processor. 10.1 stands for the size of the display.

Q. Tell us about the specifications of the Galaxy Tab 10.1
Kim Well, the change in the display is the first thing you notice isn’t it? It’s a 10.1 inch display with a higher resolution of 1280 by 800. It features a 1GHz Dual Core Processor, and the camera has been upgraded from 3MP to 8MP. It also supports Full HD recording and playback, which has turned it into a powerful multimedia device. On top of that, it has dual surround speakers, so you can enjoy 3D surround sound while watching movies. It also has battery life that can play movies for over 10 hours. With all that in mind, it’s easy see how this is the most powerful Tablet PC in the market today. It operates on Android’s latest OS, “Honeycomb,” which has been optimized for tablets.


삼성전자 갤럭시탭 10.1 삼성전자 갤럭시탭 10.1 삼성전자 갤럭시탭 10.1
삼성전자 갤럭시탭 10.1 삼성전자 갤럭시탭 10.1 삼성전자 갤럭시탭 10.1

Q. The design has completely changed. Seems a little more like a PC compared to the Galaxy Tab.

Kang We took a close look at competing products in the planning process for the 10.1 inch. I listened closely to the voice of customers and what they wanted. Most customers complained that the device was too heavy. That is why we decided to make the Galaxy 10.1 as light as possible. While increasing the LCD display, we made the bezel thinner, and worked as hard as possible to make the product lighter. The display has become larger but it weighs just 599 grams. The most noticeable part is the backside. If the existing Galaxy Tab was feminine with its glossy white material, the “Galaxy Tab 10.1’s” design is focused on a premium image with dark colors and metallic look.
Also, the button key has disappeared from the front. As soon you put the Galaxy Tab in your hands, however you hold it, the button will appear on the screen, fitted for the angle that you are viewing from. We thought it would be more usable that way.

Q. What is the most appealing feature?
Well, there are the specifications for the products and the specifications for the content. As I’ve mentioned before, the specs have received a comprehensive upgrade. Content-wise, you will be able to access optimum content because it is running on “Honeycomb.” For example if you launch YouTube, it has been fully optimized for the tablet. Same for the E-book, and you can video chat through G Talk. As you can see, we have enabled an optimal content experience. 

The battery takes up the most weight in a tablet, but the battery in the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a larger capacity battery and the weight has still been reduced. We’ve overcome many technical issues. 

Assistant Manager Kim Dong-joon smile with galaxy tab 10.1 on his hands

Q. Is there something about the device that you like in particular?
Kim Honestly I like everything, but if I had to pick just one thing, I would like to say “Powerful Performance.” With the high performance CPU (Dual Core) and memory (LPDDR 8Gb), users can enjoy seamless and rich multimedia experiences with any software they run. Another part I would mention is the size and weight. Portability for the tablet is important because it’s a mobile device, and I’m proud to say that we have made it lighter and more portable, beating competitors to the punch.

Q. As a planner, what is your opinion on the future of the Tablet PC market?
Kim I believe the Tablet PC will rapidly expand into B2C and B2B markets. Tablets are much more portable than any PC, and have diverse contents and services. It has the advantage over the PC in providing easy, fast and good quality service, wherever you are. I believe that many PC users who primarily surf the web and enjoy multimedia will migrate into the tablet market at a fast pace. In the B2B market, it will bring change to the limited work environment, helping people get more out of their normal work days.

Senior Manager Kang Byung-jin smile with galaxy tab 10.1 on his hands
Q. How do you think the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will affect the Table PC market?
Kim First off, I think the launch of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 shows the advanced technology made by Samsung, and also shows Samsung’s will to take the lead in the tablet PC market. We have launched a device running on Android’s Honeycomb OS ahead of our competitors, and also showed Samsung’s advanced technology with the Dual Core Processor. And through the portable Galaxy Tab, and the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which is focused on multimedia performance, we have established a lineup that meets the various needs of customers. So, I believe it will greatly influence the development of a wider market.

Q. Any last words?
Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a product focused on time-to-market from the beginning of the planning stages. We needed to push out a Honeycomb-based device faster than our competitors, and had to make it appealing in terms of performance, design, and other aspects. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the different divisions in the company that helped make this happen. You are all greatly appreciated.

Samsung electronics LiVE reporter jo mi ye

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