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지난 3월 27일
강남역에 위치한 새로운 명소 딜라이트에서 삼성카메라가 주최한 Diane (본명 Diane Pernet)와 블로거와의 간담회 시간이 있었습니다.

아직 Diane 를 잘 모르신다구요?

다이엔 퍼넷은 유명한 패션 블로거이자 저널리스트이고, ASVOFF(A SHADED VIEW ON FASHION FILM)라불리우는 패션 필름 페스티벌의 설립자입니다. 젊은 디자이너들과 아티스트들을 찾아내고 서포트 해오는 역할을 주도적으로 했던 분으로 좀 더 자세한 정보는 아래의 링크에서 확인하실 수 있답니다.

무엇보다 언제나 검은색으로 통일시킨 드레스와 소품들로 더 유명하신 분인데요.
이번 간담회는 Diane이 서울패션위크 패션쇼 참석 차 한국에 들렸다가, 작년 삼성 카메라와의 행사를 잊지 않고 다시 찾아준 뜻 깊은 자리였습니다. 아래의 링크는 작년에 주최했던 이벤트의 Diane 의 모습입니다.

작년 일명 한효주 카메라(VLUU ST550)에 대해서 많은 관심과 칭찬을 아끼지 않았던 그녀이기에 이번 NX10에 대한 느낌도 물어보면서 아주~ 편안하고 부드럽게 진행된 행사였답니다.
물론 많은 블로거 분들도 참석하셨고 그녀의 등장과 함께 딜라이트는 꽉찬 느낌이였다는 후문입니다 🙂

블로거의 일원으로 행사에 직접 참여하신 브랜드마케팅 그룹의 Sonja 님의 생생한 포토! 그리고 영상 후기를 같이 보시죠!

Catching a Glimpse of Diane Pernet’s Shaded View

Seoul’s Spring Fashion Week brought a world renowned fashion Icon to Korea and into Samsung’s Delight Hall, providing Samsung Bloggers a fantastic encounter with “la Grande Dame”.

Diane Pernet의 초상화

April 5th, 2010, South Korea – Seoul screamed for attention to their local Fashion and the world listened to the call, while sending their envoyee’s to the eastern hemisphere of Style. On Friday 26th of March, 2010, the capital city of South Korea opened up their gates to the 20th Spring Seoul Fashion Week, which took place during March 26th~ April 1st at the SETEC and KRING. Featuring a wide range of domestic young designers, the event brought together icons and starlets from the global world of fashion. One of these icons provided the honor to visit Samsung’s Delight Hall in Seocho-Gu, on Saturday 27th of March, in order to get introduced to some of Samsung’s latest products, such as the NX10 Photo-camera, 3D Television or other spectacular items from Samsung’s representative flagship store. 

Samsung’s representative flagship store


At around 2pm, the “stylista”, entered the Samsung Delight Hall and received a stunning welcome with visuals of self-portraits, reflected from every screen inside the hall.  Fully dressed in eternal black, equipped with high plateau sandals rising up her petite statue and a furthermore uprising Hair-style, Miss Pernet appeared like a timeless heroine from a different era.

삼성전자 카메라 NX10를 들고 있는 Diane Pernet

Diane Pernet, can be best described as a true Multi-player of the world of “ La Mode” , having been a Fashion Designer for 13 years, she studied cinematography, was an editor of Vogue.com, Elle and Choice, she became a costume designer for the cinema, she cooperates with the Festival de la Mode de Hyeres and realizes short films. Since 2005 she created a Blog (“www.ashadedviewonfashion.com”),   bringing together all sources of information on global fashion, generic trends, or simply her personal interests.

As being one of Samsung’s internal Bloggers, I received the chance to meet and greet with Diane directly at Delight Hall and I grabbed the opportunity to testimony her visit and gather her precious feedback regarding our products and the fashion industry in Korea.

While silently floating from one floor to the other, Photographers and invited Bloggers followed each step of the Diva while keeping a respectful distance of 1meter or more, not to disturb Miss Pernet’s  visit.

삼성전자 카메라 NX10를 사용중인 Diane Pernet와 그녀를 촬영하는 사람들

While inspecting the Look and Feel of the NX10, Miss Pernet mentioned that she travels the world,
  always equipped with a photogenic device or camera in order to take snap shots of new talents “… no matter when, no matter how…”.  These photos are being uploaded to her favorite blog as soon as possible, in order to provide a platform for young artists to present their works.

삼성전자 카메라 NX10를 들고 있는 Diane Pernet
Someone asked for feedback regarding the previously used ST50 Camera, which was mostly seen hanging around Miss Pernet’s neck before she changed it to the recent model of ST550. The answer was charming and clear: “…Using ST50 was great fun and there is nothing wrong with the model, I am still using it, but my recent favorite model is the ST 550…”. In other words” She simply loves the ST550!”.

삼성전자 카메라 NX10를 들고 있는 Diane Pernet
삼성전자 카메라 NX10의 설명을 듣고 있는 Diane Pernet
According to her words, most images she took within the past 6 months, where taken with the ST 550 model but according to the situation and the moment the NX10 would be a more suitable model when in search for quality photos with a professional touch. Considering the fact that Miss Pernet is a highly requested personality, she joined an amazing number of 8 different fashion shows the night before and during those shows it would have been good to use a model like the NX10 in order to get the best shots for different lightings and angles.

Miss Pernet mentioned furthermore that she was strongly impressed by her visits to the Delight Hall and especially eco-friendly products and much innovation such as 3 dimensional TV, marked her impression.

On the question, what kind of product she would design for Samsung, she mentioned with a professional touch: “A mini Video Camera, so small and very high definition for great quality of materials, no matter the light. I am personally more focussed on photos but people dealing with movies might be asking for such a device.”

When being asked about her interest for Samsung, she mentioned with an air of decency: “it might be presumptuous to say but.. I am very interested in imagination and future, Samsung and I have an idea that goes into the same direction, so it’s nice.”

인터뷰 하고있는 Diane Pernet
Considering the fact that the Interviewers were mainly Bloggers, the question of “how often she spends time to update her blog” was almost obligatory.

The spontaneous answer of daily 4~ 6 hours really impressed me a lot. After having seen 8 different fashion shows the night before, she had to spend 3 hours just posting the images. “Providing the content is not the issue, it’s rather a question of sizing and resizing the taken pictures that make the difference in time” she mentioned. Being a regular user of Twitter, the Diva sometimes updates her posts via her mobile phone directly.

앉아있는 Diane Pernet

Regarding the subject of creating an own hard-copy magazine some day, she eloquently replied that many people asked her the same questions but these days with the social media and online content, the print magazines would suffer from a hard time. In fact the Diva sees the future in Fashion Films as a new media and she furthermore mentioned that her interest is also larger than just Fashion. Her endeavors are global and wherever she goes, Samsung is there as a global player.

Diane Pernet와 블로거들
To conclude her visit with a brief statement towards Korea’s fashion, she mentioned that she made friends with several prosperous Korean designers and that referring back to traditional methods and designs could be the secret to build a true fashion identity with inspiring designs and not just copies.

I understood Miss Pernet’s words as: “Fashion of Korea! Look back to your beautiful skills and designs of the past and metamorphose them for the eyes of the world!… maybe we should think of 한복 and 매듭 To be considered…. J

Diane Pernet의 사인

Refer yourself to Diane Pernet’s Blog & Impression regarding her visit of Samsung Delight-Hall:

sonja glaser 과장/ 브랜드마케팅


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