Announcement Regarding the Galaxy Tab 10.1 News[Issue & Fact]


Announcement Regarding the Galaxy Tab 10.1 News


 There has been amisunderstanding in the Yonhap News article 

"Samsung sees iPad 2's thinness, price as challenges " published March 4th. On March 4th around 2:30 PM at Samsung Seocho Office in Seoul, Yonhap News reporter happended to come by Executive Vice President Don Joo Lee and asked how he thinks about newly released iPad2. DJ Lee gave a very typical answer saying 'the thickness and price of the iPad2
is impressive' and 'we'll make improvements if it is needed in the future'. But the English translation of this conversation turned DJ Lee's words into 
"we will have to improve the parts that are inadequate",
and this has been quoted globally making the Galaxy Tab 10.1 seem
like it has problems. Obviously, it does not make sense for DJ Lee, who is in charge of marketing, 
to make negative comments such as 'inadequate' on his own product. CNN 
seems to have felt this way as well as it said that "information might have gotten lost in translation from Korean to English". In year 2011,  Samsung is planning to introduce various types of tablet devices 
and will continue to make every efforts to provide powerful mobile devices with 
the best design and performance to customers.

Thank you.

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