10 Southeast Asian Must-Eats You Can Also Feast Your Eyes On

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Food, glorious food—in Southeast Asia it’s an endless haven of cuisines and flavours. To get the most out of your next trip, here are 10 of the most beautiful and delicious dishes you have to savour—first in person, and then in photos after you’ve captured them on the Galaxy A7 and A9.




Tauhu Goreng


You haven’t truly experienced Indonesia if you’ve not tasted the joy of pairing this deep-fried tauhu with a spoonful of steaming rice, topped with fragrant peanut sauce. Yum.


BBQ Prawns



Note to reader: Be sure to get in a few shots of this finger-licking good seafood dish before you dig in and wipe the plate clean.







When you’re eating what’s championed as the sweetest, juiciest mangoes in the world, you have to #lowkey brag about it. Just hold up said fruit against luscious backdrops of nature and let your pics do the talking.


Inihaw Na Manok



Often marinated in a mixture that includes 7-Up or Sprite, this classic is beloved by Filipinos across the country, and you’ll understand why once you sink your teeth into its succulent layers—it’s a symphony of flavours just waiting to explode in your mouth.




Nasi 7 Benua



Cue the oohs and aahs as your splendidly colourful nasi benua arrives on the table. Then take a bite of each flavoured and coloured ball of rice to discover that, yes, this masterful combination of fragrant ingredients does taste as amazing as it looks.





Its rich aroma, the taste of its luscious, creamy flesh that leaves you wanting for more. Until scents and flavours can be captured and shared online, we’ll settle with reminiscing the multisensory experience of eating durian through pictures.




Pad Thai



Whichever part of Thailand you’re exploring, you have to add this national staple to your must-try list. Expect to have your taste buds satisfied and your tummy filled with fragrant noodles stir-fried to mouth-watering perfection.


Pineapple Fried Rice



One thought comes to mind every time we’re about to tuck into a plate of pineapple fried rice: this is food fit for a king. Mesmerising, golden grains tossed with juicy chunks of pineapple and prawns—you’ll feel like royalty when you’ve polished off your plate (or pineapple).




Sweet Xoi



A combination of coconut milk, sugar, and glutinous rice, this highly popular Vietnamese dessert doesn’t only come in different shapes and sizes, it also comes it eye-catching colours based on its flavour. Either way, it’s a treat for both your eyes and your palate.





You’ll be dreaming of these silky noodles swimming in broth even long after you’ve left Vietnam, so take our word for it—do yourself a favour by immortalising the experience with a snapshot or two.


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