3 Ways to Up Your Social Media Game with AR!

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Augmented Reality (AR) technology has been integrated into our smartphones with fun functions such as filters and the ability to finally become a Pokemon trainer. Entertainment aside, AR has also enabled convenience for users as we are able to virtually try on hundreds of shades of lipsticks, or virtually place furniture in your home. Consumers can give products a ‘test run’ and make sure it is to their liking before buying it.


Now you can also use AR technology to amp up your social media game with the Galaxy Note10|10+! Samsung’s new and exciting feature, AR Doodle combines AR technology and the features of the S Pen, so you can unleash your creativity and put your artistic vision in a new dimension. Not to forget, the improved S Pen is equipped with a diverse collection of brush and pen types ranging from neon to water droplet effects with lots of colors and textures to choose from.


To create an AR Doodle is as easy as 1,2,3!

Step 1 – Launch the Camera app and tap Video on the shooting modes list.

Step 2 – Tap the AR Doodle icon and select the mode you want. When the camera recognizes the subject, the recognition area will appear on the screen.

Step 3 – Write or draw in the recognition area. If you tap Record icon and then begin to doodle, you can record yourself doodling. Tap Stop icon to stop recording the video.



With that in mind, below are three (3) ways to up your social media game with AR!


1. Can’t find the perfect GIF or sticker? Make your own!


AR Doodle filmed by Galaxy Note10+, credit to JinnyBoy @jinnyboy and Michelle Ng @michellekoibito



You can now design or make your own sticker and GIF to express how you feel. Instead of physically being at your bucket list destinations, you can doodle your unique “Where would I rather be?” GIFs to share with your followers. If you’re more artistic in nature, you can even be creative and come up with themes based on the different weather or destinations – using the water droplet effects for a wet and rainy day, snow specks during the Christmas season or the bright neon brush when you’re on cloud nine.


2. Add an element of surprise to your selfies


AR Doodle filmed by Galaxy Note10+, credit to Marianne Tan @mariannetpy

Rather than applying the stock effects of filters, why not stand out from the crowd and have an AR-makeover by being your favorite cartoon character? With the upcoming Christmas season, you can also share your AR Doodle and heartfelt wishes with your friends and loved ones away from home by sending them an e-greeting card. You can also surprise your significant other with a love note, just because you can!


3. Create your own 3D trick art


AR Doodle filmed by Galaxy Note10+, credit to Marianne Tan @mariannetpy


Once you’ve gotten the hang of creating AR Doodles, you can level up and be a 3D trick artist. By adding lines and drawing objects that change in perspective and appearance based on how you interact with the phone when viewing them. By playing with camera angles and perspectives, you can create the illusion of 3D art even by drawin basic lines – an exciting way to play mind-tricks on your followers.


Visit a Samsung Experience Store today to experience AR Doodle on the Galaxy Note10|10+. For more information on the Galaxy Note10|10+, visit https://www.samsung.com/my/smartphones/galaxy-note10/.

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