Be Superhuman Every Day with the Galaxy Z Fold5

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Ever wished you had lightning speed powers, or that you could clone yourself, or had ten hands, just so you could get more done in a day? We’ve all thought it. The solution is simpler than you think. With the Galaxy Z Fold5, you can be a productive superhuman every day.


Instead of having ten hands, have ten heads – and by that, we mean put your head together with nine of your colleagues to collaborate on Samsung Notes. The app allows up to 10 participants to edit a document at the same time, so everyone can contribute ideas. Create shared projects with text, images with footnotes, voice recordings, and music. Whip out your S Pen[1] to add in handwriting or drawings into your notes. Samsung Notes provides various pen and brush types and sizes, plus colour mixers, so that you can draw fabulous paintings like professional painters.


This powerful PC in a pocket is the best way to work, with optimised UX like Multi Window[2], which lets you multitask on three apps on the same screen at once. With App Continuity, you can transition seamlessly from the cover screen to the main screen when you unfold your device. Continuity can also be enjoyed when you connect your phone to your PC or tablet. While working or watching a movie on the larger screen, you can receive notifications that come in from your phone and reply to them on the other device. Need an easy way to share a bunch of images from your Galaxy Z Fold5 to your tablet? Move them over in a flash with Quick Share[3].



Fold your phone on Flex Mode[4] and place it on the tabletop during virtual meetings. Whether it’s video calls with a small group or large conferences, communicate with colleagues on Google Meet. The app comes integrated for ease of access. During video calls, you can share your phone’s screen and even add captions to make brainstorming smoother wherever you go.


Who needs superpowers when you have a super smartphone like the Galaxy Z Fold5!



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Galaxy Z Flip5 | Galaxy Z Fold5


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Galaxy Z Flip5


RM4,499 Mint, Lavender, Cream, Graphite


Online Exclusive Colours: Gray, Blue, Green, Yellow

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Galaxy Z Flip5


Galaxy Z Fold5



Icy Blue, Phantom Black, Cream


Online Exclusive Colours: Gray, Blue

Galaxy Z Fold5


Galaxy Z Fold5




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[1] S Pen Fold Edition for Galaxy Z Fold5 sold separately. Use an S Pen that is designed for Galaxy Z Fold. All other S Pens or stylus pens may damage the screen. Galaxy Z Fold5 does not have a built-in slot for the S Pen. S Pen support is limited to the Main Screen.
[2] Certain applications may not support Multi Active Window or App Pair.
[3] Available on devices with One UI 2.1 or later versions installed, and requires Quick Share, Quick Share Connectivity and Quick Share Agent app updates. Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi connection are required for Quick Share use. Certain applications may not support Quick Share.
[4] Flex Mode supported at angles between 75°and 115°. Some apps may not be supported in Flex Mode or Flex Mode Panel.
[5] The promotion is on a first come first served basis, and while stocks last. Terms & Conditions apply. Samsung reserves the right to shorten, extend or cancel the Promotion Period at its sole discretion without prior notice.
[6] 20% off PWP for selected Galaxy Z Series accessories, 10% off PWP for selected Galaxy Tablets, 40% off Samsung Care+, and 20% off PWP for selected Galaxy Watch and Buds.
[7] Samsung Online exclusive. Select and complete the trade-in option. Any device condition accepted. Applicable to selected locations and devices only.

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