Bridging the Gender Gap: Samsung Malaysia’s Solve for Tomorrow records higher female participation this year

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Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow 2021 recorded the highest number of registrations, with 63 teams from 58 schools nationwide, amounting to a total of 189 individual participants

Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow acts as a platform to encourage and inspire secondary school (Form 1 & Form 2) students to solve local issues by building a prototype using Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in the areas of Environmental Sustainability and Access to Education.


Studies have repeatedly reported that STEM subjects and careers are perceived as male dominant, and scientists as predominantly male. Women’s lack of participation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics is well documented. However, the number of female participants in Solve for Tomorrow 2021 outweighed male representation by 73% of the participants being female, proving that girls and women are the future of STEM.


The Malaysian government recognizes the need to capitalize on female participation in the areas of STEM to promote its economic and national development. The country intends to keep raising the proportions of women who participate in STEM and other arenas. In line with this, Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow is creating a supportive ecosystem to empower women to enter and develop successful careers in STEM industries. The platform provides them with enhanced networking activities and encourages them towards undertaking careers in STEM.


The competition recently announced the top 10 semi-finalists, the teams of which are from schools located in Sabah, Sarawak, Selangor, Terengganu, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan and WP Kuala Lumpur. The judging committee for the competition is thrilled with the standard of submissions and quality of projects, exceeding all expectations. Some thought-provoking projects include solar-powered bins containing a sensor to prevent the bin from overflowing, and an app that allows students to connect with others from the same field of interest to further develop their knowledge and skills in that respective subject.


Samsung Malaysia and Universiti Malaya’s STEM Centre is pleased with the response it has received through the course of Solve for Tomorrow 2021 and wishes to continue inspiring young minds through STEM.


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