Experience a New Era of Samsung AI TV: Latest 2024 TV and Audio Lineups

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Leading a new era of smart viewing with advanced processors and powerful, AI-driven features

▲ Denny Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics unveils the latest Neo QLED 8K AI TV.


Samsung Electronics Malaysia is proud to unveil its groundbreaking line of AI-powered TVs, featuring their latest Neo QLED 8K and 4K, and OLED TV. With cutting-edge technology and innovative features, Samsung’s latest AI powered TVs are set to redefine smart viewing. Designed to transform consumers’ home entertainment experience, Samsung’s 2024 lineup gets an upgrade in performance with advanced processors, offering a range of class-leading and AI-driven solutions. 


“Samsung has been investing in AI research for over a decade and has built intelligent features into our visual display products. Our 2024 screen line-up comes with on-device AI and intelligent integration across devices, allowing you to upscale your experience. With the latest Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K and OLED TVs, we are bringing the future of AI-power to life, for every Malaysian, and the comfort of their homes,” said Mr. Denny Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn Bhd.


“To complement these exceptional AI viewing experiences, our latest sound devices also offer industry-first sound technologies to complement the stunning TVs visuals. Whether it’s the crisp clarity of dialogue or music, the newest Samsung’s sound devices will truly elevate the viewing experience, ensuring that every sound is as captivating as the visuals,” added Mr Kim.



AI-nnovative Performance: Elevating Senses/ Viewing Experience with Neo QLED 8K

Setting a new benchmark with its lifelike picture quality, premium audio technology and rich array of apps and services, the Neo QLED 8K redefines the viewing experience with its groundbreaking NQ8 AI Gen3 processor. The cutting-edge processor stands as Samsung’s fastest and most robust AI engine to date, thanks to its on-device AI engine, the Neural Processing Unit (NPU). The AI engine delivers twice the speed of its predecessor along with an eightfold increase, from 64 to 512, in neural networks. Promising an exceptional viewing experience, the AI engine is also designed to simultaneously process vast amounts of pictures and sound, bringing out the finest details with outstanding clarity and naturalness, all while optimising energy consumption. 


Featuring its 8K AI Upscaling[1], the Neo QLED leverages the advancements of the NQ8 AI Gen3 processor and neural networks to significantly improve sharpening low resolution content and harnessing the full potential of Samsung’s immaculate 8K display. The Neo QLED also features the AI Motion Enhancer Pro[2], which enhances smoother and clearer visuals, solving common issues of streaming high-resolution sports matches, and the Real Depth Enhancer Pro, which adds lifelike depth to features, setting a new standard in visual immersion.


Available in two models, the QN800D and QN900D are offered in 75 and 85 inches. The QN900D model specifically boasts an Infinity Air Design which includes a slim side profile with a 13.1mm screen, supported by its Mystic Floating Stand that portrays a unique mirror effect. 


The state-of-the-art TV also delivers precise audio powered by AI sound technology for rich and lifelike sound. Samsung’s newest innovation, Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) Pro Function, acts as an AI dialogue booster that utilises deep-learning technology to significantly enhance dialogue and voices on screen. By extracting voices from mixed audio, it ensures that every word can be heard clearly, allowing users to follow conversations at any volume.


Samsung has also introduced the AI Customization Mode, which automatically adjusts picture settings to users’ preferences and the AI Auto Game Mode offers seamless gaming by recognizing game titles and optimising picture and sound quality settings accordingly. Additionally, the AI Energy Mode intelligently saves energy by analysing user behaviours and surrounding conditions. Through its Environment Adaptive Brightness, the TV dynamically adjusts its brightness based on changes in home lighting, enhancing depth and black expression for optimal viewing experience with energy usage monitored through built-in IoT Hub support, SmartThings.



Extensive AI features across Samsung TV lineups: Neo QLED 4K and OLED

A wider array of choices to suit diverse lifestyles and preferences is also being introduced to consumers with the Samsung Neo QLED 4K and OLED TV lineups. These extensive product offerings outline Samsung’s consumer-centric approach for all Malaysians.


Inspired by Neo QLED 8K flagship TVs, the 2024 Neo QLED 4K is a state-of-the-art innovation that enhances the viewing experience powered by the NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor. This advanced chip breathes new life into every scene, delivering stunning 4K resolution with unparalleled clarity. Complemented by Real Depth Enhancer Pro[3] and Quantum Matrix Technology, the screen guarantees exceptional contrast, even amidst the most intricate visuals. Setting a new standard in colour accuracy, the Pantone Validated display will optimize the viewing experience further.  Available in sizes ranging from 55 to 98 inches, the Neo QLED 4K series caters to diverse viewing preferences, ensuring the ultimate 4K UHD experience for all.


Samsung also introduces its Glare-Free OLED, eliminating unnecessary reflection while preserving deep blacks and clear images under any lighting condition. Powered by the same formidable NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor as the Neo QLED 4K lineup, Samsung’s OLED TVs boast features like the Real Depth Enhancer and OLED HDR Pro, bringing picture quality to new heights.


Powered by the feature of Motion Xcelerator 144Hz[4], OLED TVs perform fluid motion and rapid response times which stands as the ultimate gaming companion. Enhanced by sleek designs, these OLED TVs are offered in two models — S95D and S90D — available in 65 to 77 inches, thus redefining the viewing environment for every household. 



The Frame 2024: Your Art Gallery on TV

The Frame, top-selling lifestyle screen product, introduces new enhancements for an elevated art experience. With over 2,500 artworks from renowned museums and galleries available in the Art Store, users enjoy an enriched selection. The 2024 edition further enhances their experience by reducing energy costs through variable refresh rate adjustment available in ArtMode5, ensuring both aesthetic enjoyment and energy efficiency.



Diverse and Expansive Audio Lineup for Every Entertainment Enthusiast

Inspired by The Frame, Samsung introduced the all-new Music Frame, offering a seamless harmony for users and their surroundings. Whether it is a standalone or mounted on the wall, the new device embodies the perfect fusion of functionality and sophistication, enabling users to showcase its personalised/customisable features, personal photos or artwork while immersing themselves in wireless audio, enhanced with smart features such as the built-in voice assistant.


With wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the Music Frame offers effortless music streaming from your mobile devices, accommodating up to five connections simultaneously for shared enjoyment throughout your home. As this versatile device operates independently or can be synchronised up to two devices using the Q-Symphony technology, it augments the viewing experience with immersive surround sound that perfectly complements any living space.


Despite its compact size, the Music Frame delivers a powerful 2.0ch audio experience, with Dolby Atmos® support for an immersive sound experience that adds depth, clarity, and details whether you’re watching a movie, streaming music, or simply enjoying the ambiance. Similarly, the Q-series Soundbar, which also features support for Dolby Atmos, synchronises seamlessly with Samsung TVs, combining front, side, and up-firing speakers for a heightened acoustic immersion that redefines entertainment experiences.


“We are excited to be working with Samsung Malaysia in bringing Dolby Atmos to the new Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs, Q-Series Soundbars and the latest Music Frame,” said Ashim Mathur, Vice President, APAC Marketing, Dolby Laboratories. “Dolby Atmos delivers a premium, multidimensional audio experience with depth, clarity, and details like never before. With a large and constantly growing library of titles available in Dolby Atmos, consumers in Malaysia will be able to enjoy their favourite entertainment in sound that moves all around them with breath-taking realism.”



Enhancing Security and Personalisation with Samsung Knox

The new Tizen OS Home offers personalised experiences through its ecosystem with individual user accounts, tailoring content recommendations to each household member. The intuitive UI simplifies content discovery, with Samsung Knox Security safeguarding sensitive data and protecting against unauthorised access or malware. With features like Knox Vault, a dedicated security chip, Samsung ensures encrypted data transfer between all connected devices, providing peace of mind in the ever-connected digital age.


Samsung Tizen OS delivers as a one-stop destination for all. The Samsung Daily+ also integrates entertainment, health, and commerce in one TV hub, offering a comprehensive suite of features for a connected lifestyle. 


Furthermore, SmartThings’ latest enhancements create a more connected living room experience, enabling users to effortlessly monitor and manage all their other smart Samsung devices and home appliances, conveniently from their TV as the smart hub control centre.   



From 3 May – 30 June 2024, consumers can earn unbeatable rewards such as Touch n’ Go e-Wallet credits up to RM2,900 and win prizes worth a total of RM140,000 on the latest Samsung AI TV lineup and sound devices. Consumers can also participate in a running contest to win bonus gifts such as the Q-Series Soundbar, Galaxy S24, and Bespoke Jet Plus by uploading the receipt and a creative photo. To learn more about Samsung’s 2024 lineup of TV products, rewards, convenience, and experiences, please visit https://www.samsung.com/my/offer/2024-ai-tv/launch/.



Launch Promotion for 2024 Samsung TVs:

No. Segment Material Code RRP (RM) TNG Credit Value (RM) Free Gift with Purchase
1 Neo QLED 8K QA85QN900DKXXM 46,999 2,500
2 Neo QLED 8K QA75QN900DKXXM 30,999 1,300
3 Neo QLED 8K QA85QN800DKXXM 32,999 1,700
4 Neo QLED 8K QA75QN800DKXXM 24,999 1,000
5 OLED QA77S95DAKXXM 32,999 1,600
6 OLED QA65S95DAKXXM 17,999 700
7 OLED QA77S90DAEXXM 28,999 1,400
8 OLED QA65S90DAKXXM 15,999 600
9 Neo QLED 4K QA98QN90DAKXXM 69,999 2,900
10 Neo QLED 4K QA85QN90DAKXXM 24,999 1,300
11 Neo QLED 4K QA75QN90DAKXXM 15,999 700
12 Neo QLED 4K QA65QN90DAKXXM 12,299 500
13 Neo QLED 4K QA85QN87DAKXXM 20,999 1,100
14 Neo QLED 4K QA75QN87DAKXXM 13,999 600
15 Neo QLED 4K QA65QN87DAKXXM 9,899 400
16 Neo QLED 4K QA85QN85DBKXXM 18,599 900
17 Neo QLED 4K QA75QN85DBKXXM 11,999 500
18 Neo QLED 4K QA65QN85DBKXXM 8,299 300
19 QLED QA98Q80CAKXXM 33,999 1,400
20 QLED QA85Q80DAKXXM 15,999 600
21 QLED QA75Q80DAKXXM 11,499 400
22 QLED QA85Q70DAKXXM 14,199 500
23 QLED QA75Q70DAKXXM 10,199 300
24 QLED QA85Q65DAKXXM 10,999 500
25 QLED QA75Q65DAKXXM 6,999 300
26 QLED QA85Q60DAKXXM 10,999 500
27 QLED QA75Q60DAKXXM 6,799 300
28 The Frame QA85LS03DAKXXM 19,799 800 1x Bezel worth RM899
29 The Frame QA75LS03DAKXXM 12,399 500 1x Bezel worth RM799
30 The Frame QA65LS03DAKXXM 8,399 300 1x Bezel worth RM699
31 The Frame QA55LS03DAKXXM 6,199 200 1x Bezel worth RM599
32 Crystal UHD UA98DU9000KXXM 17,999 700
33 Crystal UHD UA85DU8000KXXM 8,999 400
34 Crystal UHD UA85DU7000KXXM 8,299 300



Launch Promotion for 2024 Samsung Sound Devices:

No. Segment Material Code RRP (RM) TNG Credit Value (RM) PWP Pricing (RM)
1 Q-Series Soundbar HW-Q990D/XM 6,499 300 4,999
2 Q-Series Soundbar HW-Q930D/XM 4,999 250 3,699
3 Q-Series Soundbar HW-Q800D/XM 3,999 200 2,999
4 Q-Series Soundbar HW-Q700D/XM 2,999 150 2,299
5 Music Frame HW-LS60D/XM 1,999 1,499




[1] QN900D only. The features provided may vary by model.
[2] QN900D only. The features provided may vary by model.
[3] Available on QN90 and QN95. The features provided may vary by model.
[4] Motion Xcelerator 144Hz available on S95D and S90D. The features provided may vary by model.

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